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More Yeast!

Mar 25, 2009 - 1 comments

Went to my appointment today only to find that my Obe is out again and a different resident would be there (from the resident I saw last time). So much for being told these things when One Dose have a recorded appointment.  So one is just supposed to turn up and find out!  Decided to see her anyway because I still have thrush, was due for pap, and needed some docs for my baby's passport.

She goes. "Hi how are you? So you're still breastfeeding. how amazing!!"

Obviously breastfeeding  is not the norm, and they don"t expect women to be breastfeeding when their babies are two months old.

I told her I was very committed to breastfeeding.  Told her my breasts were still really sore and I thought i still had thrush.  She looked doubtful.  Then she examined my breast.  "Yes, they're red, but the skin looks ok, I don't think you have thrush anymore.  They could be red from breastfeeding too much. How much do you breastfeed?"

Me: About 4 times a day, and pump twice.  But they're also really sore. Do you really think it's not thrush?  What should I do?  Just put up with it?

She: Yes. It's just from feeding the baby.  DOn't worry about it.

Then she did the pap.  She:  Oh, is it sore down here?  Looks like you still have thrush.

Me: (silently to myself and feeling like crying at this doctor"s pathetic lack of knowledge) Duh!

Then she asked me if i'd tried clotrimazole pessaries. told her i'd already done that for a week, before the 3 doses of diflucan. Told her i'd read on the net that this type of yeast infection may need a much higher dose for longer - and i'd read that dosing should continue for 1 week after there were no more symptoms.

her eyes glazed over and she said i should just repeat the previous prescription of 3 doses 3 days apart.

Oh, and is your blood sugar well controlled.  Me: yes.  I passed the OGTT 3 weeks ago. (Actually my fasting levels are now higher than they were before the pregnancy, but still fall within "normal" range).  She: oh, ok!

I am appalled at the lack of knowlege. The previous dosage regime didn't work - I guess there is a faint hope that it may work if repeated - but definitely this is resistant if there is still vaginal yeast infection after 4 'one-shot' doses now.

At least if there is bacterial infection as well the pap will pick it up.

I have followup for the pap with my Obe next week (I will call to make sure she is in before I go).

I need to find and print good "medical" reference on thrush and will ask her to give it to her residents who obviously know nothing.  Including this one (and the previous one) not knowing that normal breastfeeding should not hurt and nipples should not get red from breastfeeding.  Or that thrush could have no symptoms other than pain.  Imagine telling a woman she is "breastfeeding too much!".  Mind you, this Dr. has a 9 month old baby.  

Woe to this country's children! IF I wasn't so pig-headed I would have given up long ago! This dr's clinic is in a supposedly breastfeeding friendly hospital. Which I already know as a personal experience is not breast feeding friendly, except in word. I am actually thinking of writing to the medical director of that hospital about my experiences, don't know if it would do any good .....

So the discomfort continues and the saga goes on.

Think baby maybe getting it too now....

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by Scar217, May 18, 2015
Hi! Dis you get rid of the thrush?

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