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Adventures in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Apr 20, 2013 - 0 comments

traditional chinese medicine





I have had enough of drugs.  When I was diagnosed with endometriosis almost four years ago, they messed up my hormones with a mix of birth control and estrogen blockers (Cyclomen).  Now, although I'm very grateful that my condition was kept in check and I've been symptom-free for the last couple years, it did put my body through hell.

Since October, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant with our first child.  My doctor was confident that we would easily and statistically conceive within six month because we're both under thirty and healthy, so when this month's period came and went, I was devastated.  Something needed to be done.  I had remembered reading that Traditional Chinese Medicine had been proven effective in treating infertility, along with acupuncture, so I called up the conveniently located TCM practitioner on the next street over and booked appointments for both of us.  She determined that I have a slight internal imbalance, along with an energy deficiency caused by my terrible, heavy periods that plagued my teenage years.  She could also tell, just by feeling my pulse, that I can be quick to anger and have an mild anxiety disorder.  I was blown away by her intuitiveness.

After the assessment, she led me into a room for a session of acupuncture, but only after scolding me for wearing tight pants ("Bad for circulation!").  She began prodding various parts of my body, starting with my ankles.  When she reached my abdomen, she asked if I gained weight easily.  "Apparently," I replied, "I recently gained a lot of weight, and I'm not happy about it.  That's why my pants are so tight."  She considered my stomach for a moment and poked it a couple more times, and moved on to swab the chosen points with alcohol and grab her needles.  I was amazed at how much it DIDN'T hurt.  I had nine needles in total; one on each ankle to improve circulation and give my kidneys a boost, one on each leg, two on my abdomen, one on each hand, and one on the top of my head to help relax and improve my mood.  We talked for a bit about the importance of having a healthy body and mind before conceiving to ensure that your pregnancy and your baby will be strong and healthy, and then she left me to relax.  She came back about forty-five minutes later, checked the temperature of my feet and was satisfied that my circulation had improved, so she took out the needles and left to assemble my prescription.  I was given three detox tonics, and a tonic that helps alleviate stress and boost my mental well-being (I guess we can consider it an herbal anti-depressant).  She told me that we were going to work together to improve my mind and body's balance before we work on my fertility issues.  She told me to expect to feel better as a whole; my acne should clear up, I should lose weight easier, have more energy, and be happier and easy-going.

I'm excited to take this leap into physical and mental well-being and can't wait to see the improvements it will make in my life.  It's so hard to stop and consider whole-body health in today's fast-paced lifestyle, but it's something you need to consider for yourself and your family.  

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