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Anti-gun Hysteria

Apr 23, 2013 - 0 comments

Before I go too much further with this rant, I want to make something abundantly clear.  I am not the kind of gun nut that thinks that just anyone should be able to own a gun.  I am not against gun laws.  I am not against prosecuting criminals who use guns in any crime, to the fullest extent of the law.

This is "gun hysteria".  The division on this issue is as obvious as the Presidential election.

What I am against is the abundant misinformation being spread by either side.  What I am against is so many of the people who are anti gun do not want to listen to facts,and don't want a proper education on the subject.  I am against those same people who think pro gun people are irrational and or terrorists.  What I am against is people who want more laws when not addressing or enforcing laws we currently have in place.  I hate that I have heard dozens of people tell me to "relax" and that "things like this take time" during the Presidential election cycle, but are so fast to jump on board this agenda.  What happened to "things like this take time"?  What happened to being rational?  What happened to logic, truth, facts?  They are right there in front of these people, and they ignore them.  Oh, and I am really against the people who think because I am pro gun and outspoken on the subject that I am insensitive regarding Newtown and any of the other massacres.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  But what these people are proposing is either already on the books and not being enforced or will do nothing to keep a gun out of the hands of someone criminally minded.  

We've gone too far when a kid is suspended for wearing a US Marine Corp t-shirt because its "insensitive" to those affected by the Newtown Massacre.  We're too sensitive when we toss a 6 year old out of school for playing "good guys and bad guys" because he pointed his finger and said "bang".  We've suspended a little girl because she said she was going to shoot her friend with a "hello kitty bubble gun".  A kid chewed a pop tart into something that the teacher "thought looked like a gun" and was subsequently thrown out of school......because a teacher thought a food product looked like a gun (in her opinion).  So now, not only is the kid "under fire" for a pop tart gun, but the way he eats them and if he were in New York City, the governor would have issue with the pastry itself.

Come on people!  Are you kidding me?  After 911, hundreds of new laws went into effect that made so many of the people in the country feel better.  Wonderful, good for them.  Bombs were illegal before 911 and here we are a week after the bombing in Boston and where is everybody???  Crickets....  Bombs are illegal, and these criminals found their way around that.  This is what the anti gun agenda cannot grasp... Because you're anti gun does not mean that I cannot own and or possess guns.  Because I am pro gun does not mean you need to own guns.... to each their own.

Work on the laws that are in place already.  Look at the enforcement of those laws.  Compile statistics, gather the facts and get to work on this stuff, now!  We aren't enforcing these laws... what's new laws going to do?  What about emergency/active shooter drills?  Why is talk like that not at the forefront of the equation?  We used to do fire drills... we used to do bomb drills... what is wrong with the very real situation of an active shooter and drills that would help people potentially save their or someone else's lives?  

It hasn't even been talked about...

"If it even saves one life"....  Ridiculous argument and completely not fair.  Previous laws or the laws on the books may have saved hundreds of lives.  You don't know and you couldn't know because its an immeasurable thing.  Why is that not good enough?  You want to try harder?  Good!!! Now you are using logic.... try some of the above measures!

I've heard the comment from one of those poor parents in Newtown say that this was his duty....  Have another duty.  Create an anti violence coalition in your community.  Bring in professionals that will teach people what to look out for.... and this is all violence!  Become vigilant and learn all you can about violence and what you can do to stop it.  Get others involved.  Get kids involved... these are things that we should be teaching every teacher, every administrator, every janitor, every support staffer, every lunch lady, every kid, every bus driver.... Everyone!  But nope, we want to ban certain guns.  

Most of the people who want AR 15's banned wouldn't know one if it were handed to them.  Most of the people want AR 15's banned because of all of the press, but you don't hear much about the AK 47.... most people wouldn't know the difference between the two.  (One looks more dangerous than the other?  Come on....)  Most people don't know the difference between automatic, semi automatic, or single shot.  Most don't know the difference between bolt action, pump action, breach loader or a muzzle loader.  Put em all on the table and ask most of these folks which is which......  Get the education folks.  You owe this to yourself, your kids and kids all over the globe.  Learn what to do and what not to do in sticky situations.  Why is this not the first step?  Oh, its the agenda.

Another issue here is tolerance.  Most anti-gun people have 0 tolerance for guns and the people who own them.  And that is fine.  In fact, that is better than fine.  If you don't like guns, don't own one of any sort.  If you don't like guns, don't be around people who own them.  The fact that over a million rounds were fired at a gun range today and nobody died doesn't make a difference to you?  (Go ahead and bring up the special forces guy who was recently killed at a gun range.... more people died that day in car wrecks.  He is a guy who went through wars, where everyone was shooting guns, and he comes home alive.)

What I really think is happening here is that nobody want to take any responsibility for their own safety.  We want to leave that up to someone else.  And that is okay too, except for the people who have every right to protect themselves.  They are to be denied that right?  (Because a shooting might happen?)  We've got to do better people.  

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