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Effects of Low Progesterone on Breastfeeding

Nov 08, 2007 - 2 comments






I'm looking for someone that can help me find some answers.  I am 36 and about to have my first child.  My husband and I tried for a long time before we ended up finding out that I don't produce Progesterone and that's what was keeping us from getting pregnant.  I was in my breastfeeding class the other night and learned that it is very possible that my low progesterone levels may have a negative effect on breastfeeding and that I may not be able to.  Can anyone confirm this?  Can anyone please give me some information about what you may know about this subject?
Thank you!!!

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by JessicaSquid, Apr 10, 2008
Hi there, I was wondering how you did breastfeeding?  I have funky progesterone as well and not sure what to expect.

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by Crimmymama, Feb 16, 2009
I know this is old thread but for others browsing like I am - no, low progestrone doesn't effect breastfeeding. It just makes getting pregnant whilst breastfeeding difficult. Breastfeeding actually tries to delay a women concieving whilst nursing by releasing prolactin - which in turn lowers progestrone.


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