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My Prayer

Mar 27, 2009 - 5 comments

       This has been the worst day since my Mom joined you in heaven.The picture with her holding my son smiling so lovingly,looking at his face,just beaming right in front of me isn't helping. I can't let him forget her and how much she loved and adored him. The one thing we really shared,the love for my son,her beloved grandson.It hurts so much, her not here with me ,she's missing out on watching our little angel grow up.My fiance doesn't understand my pain in the least.I would understand,but I must say I have never felt such agony,pain,and the feeling of being just lost,ever.I will never understand why you would do this to me.What did I do to deserve this unbearable feeling of heartache? Sometimes I feel like I'll never get over her? Please make something feel right in my life again?I wish I could be genuinly happy and fun for my son,I have to be.Make it happen..and give me the confidence to not let my sadness show at his party and send my angel,my Mom to be with us and inspire me to do a good job for our little guy! In Jesus Name,Amen

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by abrite, Mar 27, 2009
I am so sorry for your pain. I am praying that God will comfort you, give you strength and bring some joy even in the midst of your grief. I'm sending a great big hug your way.

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by john4321, Mar 27, 2009
Always remember "No Prayer Goes Unanswered"

Grieving the loss of a loved one is maybe the most painful experience ever. Nothing is more real than love of the heart. Only Love is real . In "Only Love is Real," best selling author and psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss traces the karmic threads connecting two souls drawn together by "love" over many lifetimes.Here, he relates the discovery that two of his patients, Elizabeth and Pedro, who had not previously known each other, were actually long-lost soulmates. These two had been husband and wife, father and daughter, brother and sister and were, in each of those lifetimes that were uncovered, bonded strongly to each other. The two were finally reunited, with a little help from the doctor.

We must now comprehend the meaning of the word, "soulmates" and "love" at a different level, from a different perspective altogether. These revelations will open our minds to a new definition of love- something that is unconditional, true, and pure. Jenny , when you look into the eyes of your beloved son now, you no longer question why you love him so. You can only love him even more. Let me send you this book , it will also gives you reassurance and hope for a better, more emotionally fufilling life ahead, whether it is in your current lifetime or the next.

This book will be of great help for individuals who are struggling with relationships. Your fiance is your soulmate otherwise you wouldn't be together.For anyone who have lost loved ones and anyone else feeling alone , get yourself refocused on your life and the importance of love.

To have a prominent psychiatrist make reincarnation a credible topic, and remove it from the taboo topics list, has done a great service to humankind. His work enhances our understanding of the ALL or Infinite Divine or whatever you choose to call it.
This book will bring you alot of peace and acceptance of relationships you haven't understood (yours and others'). We have all been here before and that we will be here again. You will see your beloved mother again . Everybody in this world will find his/her special one, it is just a matter of time. The message in this book tells us about love, confidence and patience, even in our toughest time.

Love is important in this world because it emanates form the spiritual world . Dr. Weiss describes the journey of two souls, aching to find each other, coming closer and closer, like two streams converging into a mighty river. One whho has lost someone very dear to them, Dr. Weiss's book on the persistence of love and relationship beyond the threshold of death will be of great comfort.

When a soulmate arrives they can see the real you. The you beyond the mask and the scripts and the roles you play. Even if you have spent a lifetime creating a persona behind job titles, social connections, money, life experiences, etc ... they will see through it all in an instant. You cannot run and you cannot hide no matter how hard you try. You also cannot forget them even if you were to run to another place in the world and get really caught up in other things. Soul connections, especially cultivated over lifetimes, are beyond time and space or any lengths humans go to deny what is the truth. Dr. Weiss eloquently explains here that you are not crazy ... you are simply connected to a soul mate. A fascinating book on the nature of soul love and why its ok to never forget that person despite it all.

Some people are easier to forget even if you cared. Why? They may have been a "contract or project" mate instead of a soul mate. A contract mate is one who is in your life to push you forward and live out a growth lesson with. So when its complete (the assignment) it only takes a bit of time to be back to your usual self.
Let me see once again that NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT....
that every thing has a reason to be or not to be...

Brian Weiss is a credited psychotherapist and professor of psychology at the University of Miami. When working with patients, he specializes in hypnotherapy. Weiss is a strong advocate of the theory of reincarnation of the soul. He uses hypnosis as a key to get into his patients' past lives. Weiss analyzes the events that occurred and the people present in them that shape who they are in their current flesh. Only Love is Real is a book that explains how the soul creates an attachment to the people it has associated with in other lives, thus realizing the term "soulmate."

That makes the heart beat. Its like an eternal longing to be with the One that connects with you. Isn't that what we look for, certain connection that electrifies your spirit and is more than the body or mind. When you look into someones eyes and you know you met them before. That's why you couldn't  couldn't explain why you felt so joyous and happy, when you laughed around your mom .

It makes a person wonder about the nature of enternal love between people.

Soulmates can come in your life as anyone,your father,mother,friend,your daughter or anyone. Assuaring fact is that you will reunite with your soulmate whether it takes 50,100,1000 or 2000 years.Your spirit will recognise them by looking into their eyes.You will be one again.
Because only love is Real

Jenny , your pain broke my heart too . I will send this book . Reassuring
For people who feel there must be more to life than just living in the present, Brian Weiss illustrates through his case studies and the messages from above that this is indeed the case. In today's world a lot of people feel lonely and find it hard to find a love that is completely fulfilling in all aspects - body, mind and soul. This book shows us that love is there always, and that we will be guided to it when the time is right for us. Our life - or rather lives - on earth are for a specific learning purpose, and once we accept this, and that there are our families of soulmates either here on earth or above to help us always, we can be reassured that we are not alone ever. This book is not just about finding perfect love, but how opening our hearts will draw the right thing to us, be it love or other things in our lives.

Your mom is really helping you get through this . Take a step back and reassess your own life, its' direction, and the people you chose to include in your journey.  Love and peace and a desire for knowing that life is a journey in attaining that goal of total love and total acceptance. The beauty of love and the spiritual quest , of realizing that indeed "only love is real".
"Listen to your heart, to your own intuitive wisdom when deciding about a gift of destiny, such as a soulmate. Destiny will deposit its gift directly at your feet, but what you subsequently decide to do with the gift is up to you. Your heart knows what you need. Other people have other agendas."

It's exactly the opposite how we think the world works Jenny . Only through spiritual wisdom you can overcome her loss . The pain is so palpable to the point I can feel it 3000 miles away . Please don't hurt this bad , or your mom will cry with you too . The new DVD I mailed do watch , first part is two strories of profound after death visits , your mom is really ok , healthy and happy and here you are worried about her . May peace be with you in this difficult time , I pray to your mom to give you strength , comfort and guidance what to do in your life . You will find it . Give it some time . You will kill yourself Jenny . To still this day I feel like my body is shutting down 'cos I lost someone many years ago . We are all soulmates and our paths will cross again .. and again , and again...... Love and Light , J

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by john4321, Mar 27, 2009
and remember ur always in total charge of ur life ..... hang on , life is hard and suicide is not the answer , it's like throwing God's gift of life to his face , when we emerge from this material world after death we would be surprised how strong we have really become ...Love Always......God is thea to take care of you and your little one ... surrender to his love ... J

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by Beachwalker33, Mar 29, 2009
I would never take the life God gave me away,for my son and for myself.It has crossed my mind,but trust me that is not an option.I'm strong,I can get over this,I must.My son's birthday was a celebration of his life,not my sorrow.I was being selfish,not meaning too,I always try to put others first.Its over,she's gone,God knows I did EVERYTHING possible to save her.I just have to realize it! I have my son,her Grandson,to think about and from heaven she will be proud of the healthy choices I'm about to make.My Mom raised me to feel empathy,sensitivity,and always put others first.Am I putting my son's needs first no.But that is going to change.This depressed mess i've turned into is not me,I'm unrecognizable to myself.I want to look in the mirror and feel good about the reflection I see,not dissapointed in the wreck I have become...Jen

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by john4321, Mar 30, 2009
Get time out for you Jenny and don't feel guilty , operating out of guilt it's an useless emotion . Don't ask for forgiveness for you are already forgiven instead ask God to give you power to forgive others who did you wrong . I can see you crying and the last words you utter are: "I feel so guilty." It's a known fact caregivers feel guilt . Caregivers are people who are dealing with regret, feelings of failure, of anger and grieving . Caregivers also suffer from a vague indefinable sense of wondering if they were given more respite, more tools, more encouragement and more help, that perhaps they might be able to keep their person home longer .They wrestle with vows, obligations and promises they may not be able to keep . They have family members and friends who have a great deal to say about how they do the job but who also abandon them during their greatest time of need.

1)It is time to stop telling us to not feel guilty about choices we don’t want to make even though we may have to make them.

2)It is time to throw the word ‘guilt’ out of the jargon and start listening to what caregivers are really groping for, a forum where they can express their frustration, their loss, their grieving and their anger without fear of reprisal or judgment and where they can expect information, tools and resources instead of myths and clichés.

Medhelp can be a geart place sometimes  .  We met here ,

I am still trying to help understand  what it means to watch and grieve over someone you love . Let's God's supreme lovbe and total acceptance enters into your life. It will give form to feelings you were unable to express and provided the words that will remain in your heart as your expression of belobed mom.

Dealing with the grieving is a very necessary part of the caregiving task and you cannot deal with it until you recognize its existence. How we process our grief is what lies behind the anger, the depression, the feelings of helplessness and the feelings of abandonment. We not only mourn the physical loss of our person, we also mourn what might have been, what should have been and unresolved differences that are felt to be out of reach now. In the process we face our own mortality, sometimes for the first time in our lives.

Don’t feel guilty! You’ve done all you could do for her. It is time for you to get on with your life. There is no need to sacrifice yourself when she is perfectly happy and healthy with the Lord .

You are honoring yourcommitment to be with your kid in the way .You are determined that your kid shouldn’t feel abandoned, and more importantly, that he you abandoned him. What was missing from all the good advice was acknowledgement that your commitment gave her a sense of peace, and purpose, and resolution about her loss. You need to grieve and to let go in this fashion shouldn't be ignored. You have left this particular meeting feeling somewhat abused and even more isolated by yet another authority figure in your life.She is safe now , she is with Lord now . All is well ! God is great . Love you , J

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