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molar pregnanacy please please help

Mar 27, 2009 - 0 comments

maternity and Child




molar pregnancy

Hello everyone,
When I went to my first scan  I was pregnant about 13 weeks, I was told, baby’s heart beat stop when it was 7 weeks, and I had a d&c in February and doc said everything is fine with your D&C, you can try for the next baby after your first period. I received a letter from hospital in March 27th said that, my test result shown that I have a molar pregnancy. I am so confused,   how they did not see in ultrasound that I have molar pregnancy’s. I have no idea what to do; I have to wait until my appointment. I just feel so depressed, I found out on the net says it does turn into cancer. My d&c was about 1.5 month ago so I am not too sure, if I am late for anything. Also after D&C I did not bleed or anything. Has anyone gone through the same things, could you please inform me, it’s been so stressful to wait until see the doc. Tank you so much for all your help in advance

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