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Apr 25, 2013 - 0 comments

Recovery Tools

Well this is my 2nd time using this thing, and it seems to help me out a little bit so I figured I would use it again, see if maybe it would help me out more!! So here I am! I am a recovery meth, and marihuana addict.. I stopped using meth over a yr ago but I am having a harder time quitting smoking.. I am in a wonderful treatment program, and I have changed all my stuff..  I moved out of state and came here to get a way from it all and be with family, but theres the problem... They smoke to and I am in there house and I have no say so even if I am not in the same room it is there and I can smell it and it maikes me crave the hell out of it. I know my only choice is to quit smokin but I need more auuport. My Significant Other is very supportive but it is the living situation that I dont have any option to change right now. HELP.. I dont know what I can do to occupy my time to ovr come the urge! I am struggling and this little girl sdoesnt like to be defeated! Any suggetons would be great!

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