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Apr 26, 2013 - 2 comments

Well went to see my Dr. He told me we will start clomid treatments on my next cycle. (Fingers Crossed)!! Hopefully, I won't have problems. My first clomid treatment ended in miscarriage. So I'm scared of that again. Very worried. I been doing some research to help me build up my guts to believe no miscarriage will happen again. Hopefully everything comes through like we want it to. I will be starting at 50mg again. Scared is the only word I know right now!

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by KeeLolo, Apr 26, 2013
Try the words, believe & faith.... Don't let fear rule you!! I can only imagine miscarriage was a scary thing. But tell yourself maybe it was a Devine plan, that maybe something was wrong with the fetus that you would not have been able to handle if it were born full term. But try and stay positive and I hope you have a positive experience with the Clomid this cycle.... Good luck and a whole bunch of baby dust to you!!!

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by kimmielou137, Apr 27, 2013
Thank you sis!! Im trying to think so much better! I just want a healthy little one!! Hopefully everything goes smooth!! Thanks I accept all the baby dust I can get lol!!

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