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Mar 28, 2009 - 1 comments



Ulcerative Colitis


J Pouch


j pouch iliotomy

Well, my quality of life really sucked the big one once I was formally diagnosed with UC.  I battled for almost 2 years before I met a Gastro doctor that said he wanted to do the J-Pouch surgery and gone and get it over with.  I agreed and off we went.  So I bounced back rather quickly from part one surgery.  Now six months later, part two and Im not bouncing so much.  This time I cant get my pain meds to level me out and im having so many different pains now, that I didnt have before.  Im scared because Ive been doing some "Google-ing" and seeing what others have to say about having this procedure done and some people are not free yet!! They are in the bathroom almost as much as they were with the UC and some have issues with their J-Pouch and others just never really get it together.  My family and I are looking forward to the part 3 but honestly, I dont think I could stand it if I go through all this pain, and fear and then turn around and dont turn out 100% in the end.  

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by amdavis32, Jul 20, 2009
I had the surgery done in 2 parts. I had the take down surgery on March. I promise it does get better. Just be postive and give it time.

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