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Demons cast out

Mar 27, 2009 - 0 comments

Cold Sweats








help off drugs



Well, I was pushing the 12 hour mark and trying to go cold turkey, now  is not the time. very bad withdrawls on friday. I went to a worship meting with a friend and at the end, a lady came over my house, to cast out demons. I found myself getting angry at everything and with drawals increased bad , real bad. So I was working towards 12am to make that 12 mark I am pushing for with only 5 t 6 norco for the day. I finally calmed down by 2:30 in the am and had a massive headache ever. I don't get headaches ever. My blood pressure was up ther so I didd take a bp med. which is Avalaide 300 / 1/2 only . a few times a week. any ways this *****. I need help, any one out there?


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