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First RE Appt. 5/1/13

May 01, 2013 - 4 comments

So today was me and Dh first RE appt. It went really well. We both really love the doctor. He is so nice, has a sense of humor but he knows how to get down to business at the same time. First off we filled out paperwork and it wasnt long until the doctor called us back. That I liked because I thought we were gonna be waiting a long time. So anyway we went the doctor got straight to the point. He went over me and DH medical history and DH semen analysis.

The doctor said there could be one of three things wrong with DH.

1) He said a problem with the brain. The hormones from the brain have to be released and tell the testicles have to listen to the brain and say release sperm and testosterone. To help this DH would have to take some injections that should help and after of six months of using it we should see some results and DH is most likely to respond.

2)There is a blockage or as the RE said "plumbing problem."lol With this DH would have to have the sperm aspirated from the testicles and we would end up doing ivf.  

3) There is a problem with the testicles. This problem cannot be fixed. There is nothing to be done.  With this the dr said the options if the problem is this is donors sperm, adoption,etc.

The dr said he is curious because as to what the problem is because DH has a good build so clinically his testosterone level is really good. He said we just need to find out whether sperm is being produced in the testicles and cant get to the outside world or see if there is any sperm being produced at all.

The RE said with a simple blood test he will be able to tell which one it is.
So the first step is for DH to get a blood test. He is supposed to be calling his primary tomorrow to get one set up ASAP so we can go ahead and get this process started.

Me and DH both think its a testicular thing because his accident was so traumatic. :-(
Once DH has his blood work done we know exactly what the problem is.

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by mamaof4410, May 01, 2013
Wow you guys are very brave and strong for doing this. If it is testicular there are so many options for you guys. Don't give up and just stay positive...hope fully it is a "problem with the plumbing" lol. Best of luck to both of you and I hope you get to the bottom of this stuff. Good luck!

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by a_waiting_butterfly81, May 01, 2013
yea got no choice but to be brave at this point. thanks! i hope so too

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by retta483, May 01, 2013
glad you all are able to get the ball rolling :)

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by a_waiting_butterfly81, May 02, 2013
thanks im glad too.

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