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Do You Have White Coat Hypertension?

May 02, 2013 - 2 comments


Have you ever felt nervous sitting in the waiting room of your doctor’s clinic? Does your mouth get dry or do you start to perspire or shake at the thought of seeing your doctor? You are there for your yearly physical examination and it’s taken quite a while to get an appointment.

When your name is called and you are taken into the examination room by the nurse or receptionist, do you sit down and wait for the doctor to enter the room? When you are sitting there, are you thinking to yourself, what will the doctor do to me, what will the doctor discover, and will it be bad news?
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by dealhunter7379, Sep 03, 2017
   I do. Terrible case of it. Last time at Dr.s my pressure was 167/99 I think? HR 126...Thing is, I'm not nervous about getting bad news or nervous that my BP is gonna be high. I know it's going to. It doesn't start in the waiting room either. For me, it kinda starts maybe a week out. Little bouts of anxiety. Just here and there. I'll check my blood pressure or better yet have wife check it every other day at least for a week to two to show my Dr.. Good, normal readings like 125/72 and a HR in the 60's. My HR near doubles when I know there will be a pressure cuff on my arm in the near future. It's not the Dr., it's not being in a medical setting. I don't know what it is. It's like, once the thought enters your mind, you're done. Gig is up. I honestly don't get how more people don't actually suffer it. They don't want you to know they are counting your respirations. Supposedly, if you know someone is counting, you'll breathe differently than normal. Well, by that rationale, if I know someone is going to take my pulse or blood pressure or have a listen to my heart, I think about it. They just go up and up and up.
   I'm going to go check out your article now. I've read everything else on it. From forums to Meta Analysis Papers. Anything I can get my hands on. Such a peculiar, aggravating problem. It's just so damned weird. One more thing. There are studies that show The physician raises BP more than a nurse or technician. Mine is usually lower with my Dr. Here is where I'm kinda against the norm. Nurse takes BP with auto unit. Those make mine higher than manual. I know the routine. She hits button, I can hear the pump, cuff tightening, heart kicks in just a few beats faster than it was already running. I feel my heart pounding, pushing my blood under the cuff. Its pushing it through well past the 160mmHg preset, and usually the 180mmHg preset. I could go on and on. Anyway, my Doc gets lower reading than nurse. 1) It's the second reading and I've calmed down a little. Just talking to Dr. about the ridiculously high BP nurse recorded 10 minutes ago drops me down a few points. 2) Manual over Auto.
   Feel free to shoot me a line if you have any questions or anything.

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by dealhunter7379, Sep 03, 2017
I can't believe I spent all that time on the post above. My bad. A ridiculous advertisement. Damn.

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