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Mar 31, 2009 - 4 comments

I am completely over living with this disease. I am sick of people saying well at least you dont have the invasive type. WEll my answer to this is, women with borderline at my age are at a higher risk of getting the invasive type in their 40's and 50's so tell me how i am meant to live a normal life when i am in constant pain, cannot have sex with my partner, have mood swings and menopausal symptoms despite the fact i still have one ovary while worrying about death constantly! I do not know anyone one else my age with my type and am completely lost and alone. I am cranky that for 2 and a half years doctors ignored me so instead of being diagnosed at 22 i should of been cured!

I do not know how to continue living when i am constantly worried about mine turning invasive. Not all women with borderline are lucky and i wish people realised that! It affects my internal organs and can completely block my bal if i am not careful. Some women have extraovarian disease like me and others have that plus invasive implants which are extremely dangerous. I am over surgery! I am sick of anxiety and feeling depressed and I am sick of how this affects my family and closest friends its not fair on them and i can see the stress it causes them!

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by eimear, Mar 31, 2009
I agree sometimes not knowing is worse.I do not know what I am dealing with.I met a woman in hospital who told me when I got my biopsy results that it was nothing she had ovarian cancer. I was surprised by this and upset as I was just told borderline comes back as invasive type cancer. It is very hard to detect there is no sure test.Even the ca 125 is 50% incorrect and ovarian cancer is usually only caught at 5 stage. I know we are lucky to not have this but its very hard when you want a family and are young been asked to have hysterectomy and leaving in fear that the borderline tumor which you had removed along with your ovary and tube will come back. I find it very hard to make choices on maybe you have maybe you dont basis. I wish there was more information on this subject. I dont want to find out I have full blown ovarian cancer next year and have my husband and child blame me for not taking everything out at an early stage like now. I do not know if I am ready to make these disscusions.Last week it was a cyst removed this week its a tumor with god knows what????
I want to be normal again.

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by onthemendmomma, Jun 28, 2009
"I am completely over living with this disease"  (I am not borderline btw) but  amen none the less. ...and when I get the you look so don't even look sick blah blah blah...not that I want to look wreched but a part of me wants to say..."Well, I assure you, I feel like shit"...sorry just had to throw my 2 cents in....

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by lori1999, May 16, 2010
My daughter, age 9, has just been diagnosed with small cell ovarian cancer.  We are still in the hospital as we found out yesterday what it actually was.   I read your posts and I have so many questions.  We haven't even consulted with the oncologist but I am trying to prepare myself.  What is borderline???  Should we consider removal of her healthy ovary?  Is this a genetic cancer, I have a 5 y/o daughter?  Help...

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by seeminglyso, Oct 02, 2014

Hi Ladies... this group may be of use?

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