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the hurts

May 03, 2013 - 0 comments

I cant tell you how cool it is to wake up and log on and see comments on my j's.  and messages.  very very nice-e-o.  it doesn't work the same as coolio, does it.  no.  anyway um.  ty so much.  and ill holla bak I promisss ... just feel supermcnasty
you know that little little eensy little bottle of jack?  no, not that airplane one.  the one above that.  well, half of that is like, its like nothing aint it?  like from the bottle.  its still nothing.  and .uh.  ten tens i think that's what but split up into two days.  so that's NOTHIN right?

right Meegy.

anyway.  i aint a kid no more, nope, nuh uh but i aint tryin to be stupid its just that i wasn strong and i ben goin thru it i know.  i know!  i know other ppl gone thru it woyrse and stronger than me and well yes.

you know that part of Singles, the movie with matt Dillon and bridget the gorgeous fonda yes that one.  and Kyra and ... whos that guy camoeron diaz.  yeah him.  crow?  idk he's nice.  and um like he is the Quintessential Nice Guy aint he.  and the Bicycle Guy from thirtysomething i never saw that show i think

my head don't feel actually that good.  

let me check is it screwed on right?  hold up.  nope!  nope it ain  .... can anyone help me?  i need some help um screwing.

ok.  im back

lets see so yeah this one part Matt Dillon trying to get Bridget to come back to him (ik its a movie0 and he sing into her like its called a answering machine?  yeah its theez old contraptions like had tape.  no not schotch tape dummy!  ok he go 'Im standing on the boulevaar ar ard"  or something its so freakin funny!  ha ha ha i love that movie its on my top ten

one day i will have a dvd player again ... one day my dvd player will come

also and my brother gets this too i always talk about it like this weird phantom pain in my upper arms its like something about using or not using its like yes i k i already sed its neurological i thinks its not very no not very no not very plezant at all.  and whose fault is that Meegy?   oh.  well that would be ... mine

Thank GOD i have therapy in a lil while or else i would


unless she cancel she did call last nite and leave no message.  but sometime she just like to talk to me.  ik she is the nicest person

the fresh prince of Bellaire is on.  yeah its one of the ony channels i gots  ur right C i aint complainin.  

i am


then he sneaks into her apartment and puts rose petals all over tha bed.  Matt Dillon!  can you imagine?

little Bridget fonda.  she go atchoo!  and he say uhhhh bless you  THE END

omg so romantic

Meegy are you five years old?

today?  ah   yes

so you is a kid yes more

yes i am

its just heres the thing:  i love my suergro the most of all my relatives my in laws ex in laws whatever!  and like, he be in the hoppital and the AC choose to tell me in front of William my old rooomate while they putting the bed together ok i mean WHY why he gotta be such a a$$ why he want to hurt me so much cuz know what medhelp he already hurt me enuf for ten life times

twenty life times

a hunnid life times

and i aint learned this yet i don't know what to do i don't know ht deal with it

it just hurt and hurt and hurt and hurt and hurt

and all the other hurts climb up on that hurts back and my lips go numb and i don't know any other way

i don't know any other way

that's what sed

how you do it?

you tell me.

i aint mad.

not at you.


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