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Iron therapy

Mar 31, 2009 - 0 comments




I have recently been under weekly intravenous treatments for Iron . My doctor explained that my anemia is so bad that the iron stores in my bone marrow has been completely depleted.This is my third treatment. My hemoglobin went up from 5.89 to 7.6. However he is watching my labs closely due to elevated amounts of protein in my blood. Do you know what this could be from? The reason I have been seeing the hematologist was because my OB/GYN sent me to the GASTROnologist and he was very worried about my blood count of 5 and hemacratit of 18. Is it also true that they cannot run test that require sedation because my blood levels are so low? My hematologist wants them up to a 10. I recently had gastric bypass surgery15 months ago with no complications i have gone from a size 24 to size 6. MY OB/GYN says even though I have heavy bleeding from my cycle she suspects that I am bleeding from somewhere else, because I had a positive for blood on the occult fecal test. I dont see why I have to wait to see where I am bleeding from. He also doesnt want to give me a blood transfusion due to the risk of infection. I am so totally confused. The doctor really scared me today saying that bone cancers or mylemas are a possibilty and this all started because my bypass doctor recommended I have a hysterectomy due to my heavy periods.

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