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Symptom comparison

May 04, 2013 - 2 comments









Chronic Fatigue


Vitamin D Deficiency

I have compiled a symptom comparison that compares the symptoms of lupus, fibromyalgia, CFID, Vit D def. and MS.  I was unable to copy and paste to Medhelp, but if you would like for me to e-mail it to you, I would be glad to.  It is in Abdobe Reader format.  So you would have to open it in that format.  

Blessings to you all.

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by JPMckay1, Jul 09, 2013
I had a brain mri without contrast and the final impressions were as follows:

**  few foci of alteration of the signal in the deep white matter , the largest measuring 1.2 x 0.5cm  medially at the right frontoparietal junction with other scattered, less than 5mm foci seen..   These may represent Microvascular Disease or Demyelinating Process, Infection and Neoplasm less likely

**  Very Minimal right Mastoiditis and Chronic Sinusitis of the Ethmoid Air Cells

++  Nasal Septal Deviation to the Left with a Spur   (  1985  bad habit)  I know what caused the deviation but not the spur.

a lot of the Focci other than 2 largest are rounded foci of increased signal identified most evidet in the frontalopareietal regions bi laterally in the deep white matter    Periventricular changes are seen  no mass noted  

increased focci signal on T2 on the right        **  Mild Mucosal thickening of several ethmoid cells  The orbits are Grossly normakl    

This was done in 2009,  my etesight going quickly  had a repeat done in 2011 or early 2012   no change  maybe more focci if anything.  no one ever explained anything to me  Dr. called and said could be MS>   Any help out there    


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by karajo, Jul 09, 2013
Did you post this on the MS forum.  I really have no idea what all that means.  Wished I could help you out.  

I too have a severly septal deviation with spur, but have no idea what caused it.  I have to irrigate my nose out from time to time with distilled saline water.

I hate when they run test and do nothing to follow up on the findings.  I've had drs. tell me all was normal, only to get the report myself and see it was not.  And they wonder why people sue them.  I am not an advocate for sueing, but sometimes they just need to realize we are putting forth a tremendous effort believing they can and want to help us get better.

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