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May 04, 2013 - 1 comments

I am so happy the weather is finally warming up, and instead of snow now we get rain :) i cant wait for summer to get in full kick, when school is out and all you get do is whatever you want! No worries about homework and getting your butt chewed out by the teacher when you dont do it, no getting up at 6:30 am and jumping in the shower 5 mins after first opening your eyes, no more still being half asleep during the first hour of  school. Hellooooo moments where I finally get to wake up when i want to and not when i have to! Gosh i cant wait :)
Well now that the weather is warming up, we have been spending a majority of after my school hours and weekends driving around and exploring the great outdoors. Its all i can ever want to do, being in the wilderness and amongst nature period brings me such peace! I can't wait for camping, I can't wait for full blown summer period! No more cold freezing weather, no more boogers freezing when you breath through your nostrils, no more frozen toes, fingers and noses! No more car not starting in the morning...HURRY UP AND GET HERE SUMMER! HURRY UP AND BE OVER AND DONE WITH SCHOOL AND WINTER! :) :) :) getting a bit ahead here lol but you cant blame me when i just cant wait, eh?

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by Nighthawk61, May 24, 2013
Hey you , you sound SO positive, i love what you've written about your mom. It would be wonderful if you hand painted a card and included it in there, maybe even think about writing something similar about your dad. You mentioned once earlier that your folks  had stopped drinking,hopefully you can write something about being proud of that.,of course you're dad works hard for the family at his ,despite whether he managed to quit. Giving some recognition to alcoholic that is slowing down is important to. There's really so much to be thankful for and we don't manage to spend enough time letting our loved ones know how much we respect them until it's too late,,, You can change that

It's good that the weather is back,soon you'll be free to do so many different things, especially now that you're older. Are there any ladies at lunch, that you wouldn't mind going shopping with after school or on weekends? I'm sure you've probably thought about it and just have put it off....things are going well at home, maybe now is as good a time as any, to form friendships?

I challenge to ask a girl to an event at school, or to the c an do it.

Also. Maybe you should consider getting your first job this summer, McDonalds, a doughnut store,a teen clothing store.Mine was a jeans store when i was around your age, and then an old folks home,
it was very cool to be able to put all that money away and it came in handy.
Is your dad talking about you getting driving lessons, or a car down the future?

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