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cant believe it

May 04, 2013 - 2 comments

Wow talking about pain and emotions..... I am so sad and emotionally drained right now. One of my old boyfriends and whom was still a dear friend was found murdered today. He was run over , stabbed and stuffed in his trunk. How can the human race be so cruel. To take a father away from his children. There are just no words to explain or no way for me to understand the tragedies we face in  our life. But for sure I am not numb I am feelings and it hurts like hell.... I cant tell my fiance how upset I am for some reason he would think I shouldn't be. Guess its  good thing he is mad and staying at his moms. Bc I have been crying and just looking at pics of my sweet friend and his family for hours. Thank you all for your support thru my journey... GOD BLESS YOU

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by starshine7, May 05, 2013 sorry for your loss of course...Hate to ask, did he live in a majorly bad I live near Chi-town and Milwaukee and it's just hell..becoming hell in certain areas...

I understand how you feel. Everyone should have compassion for others.

Hope you find peace with this :)


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by acesmom, May 08, 2013
So at least I have some comfort that they found who did this. It was a 22 year old girl and 22 year old boy.... the girl called him to work on a car as he was the town mechanic. She lured him yo the house to be robbed . When he got there he there he gave them a ride to the store. They got home and she went inside and he and the 22 year old boy stayed outside. He stabbed my friend to death.  Then she took the car with his body in the trunk put her two kids on the car and checked in a hotel spent the night left the next morning and left the car with his body. I know this is a little graphic. But for some reason it made me feel better to let yall my friends know. They are now in custody and i lost a dear friend.... GOD bless you al

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