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Apr 01, 2009 - 5 comments

if your cat accidentally(?) knocks over the lamp, and the light bulb part comes out of the base part, please unplug the lamp before you reassemble the lamp.  Ouch! (duh) i love electricity and respect it much.

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by mojorisin64, Apr 02, 2009
you are too funny.....mine like to get on top of the fridge (well just boots) and knock my pretties to the thinking yuou are still thinking of the outlet lol

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by sway1, Apr 02, 2009
oh ****! i will have to go take a look and see if ti is indeed evil!

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by boogieman, Apr 05, 2009
hey there. i'm an electrical contractor! let me know next time you wanna take on high voltage!  btw, glad you got some pics up!   gm

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by sway1, Apr 05, 2009
it was your evil outlet that did that to me! you, you, boggieman you!

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by sway2, Apr 06, 2009
really need some new lamps. ones with wide bases that won' tip over so easily. or maybe some highhats. yeah directional with dimmer switches. gotta love home improvement!

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