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Thankful for medhelp

May 07, 2013 - 1 comments

I'm so thankful I chose to come back to this site after a month!  I have a renewed sense of motivation and feeling that kicking this tramadol IS possible! In one day I've gotten a few comments and messages that have really reminded me why I was here in the 1st place.

First, as someone's mentioned here to me....celebrate the victories: I had ZERO fioricet yesterday! Yes, ZERO!!!!

I put 1 in my wallet just in case I do get a bad headache because they DO really work BUT my issue had become the habit of taking a Max dose daily which can cause rebound headaches. I decided not to carry the bottle with me....just 1, only if needed.

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by EmilyPost, May 20, 2013
It's completely possible to kick Trams.  They are terrible medicine because eventually they cause so much more pain than they treat.  I knowhow awful it is to have migraines and I salute you for doing what you are doing.

You can do this.  Go slow. Stop when you need to and regroup, re-plan but yeah, kick it to the curb.  You're stronger, smarter and better than any pill that tries to ruin you. You can do it.

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