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Apr 01, 2009 - 2 comments

So all we have for movie rental here is Movie Gallery.  And they just started this new thing called Power Play.  Well basically you pay 40 bucks a month and have unlimited rentals, no late fees, no due dates.  Kind of cool. It works for us because we rent movies all the time.  
Now that the babies are gone, I have been watching movies.  Lots of them.  So I think I will start doing my own movie reviews.  

WALL-E:     Well, this movie was hyped up so much I just HAD to see it.  I'm a huge fan of Disney and Pixar anyway.  Well, it was a disappointment if you ask me.  It had some cute moments, but it wasn't all that great.  No Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin, that's for sure.  Granted, I know those aren't pixar movies. But still.  
Rating:  6

AUSTRALIA:    This movie was, again, hyped up to be a wonderful epic movie.  I was expecting something like Titanic or Pearl Harbor.  Well, I didn't realize that it was directed by Baz Luhrmann (sp).  It was still a good movie, just not very serious.  I will say that Hugh Jackman = yummy yum yums.  And the accent...just a plus.  The movie was incredibly long too. But oh well.  Took some time out of my day.  
Rating: 7

TWILIGHT:      Oh Twilight how I love thee.  I've read every book, some more than once.  I asked DH to buy me the whole series soon.  Hopefully that'll happen, ha ha.  The movie was excellent with a few exceptions. I did not like the director.  She didn't develope the characters very well.  In the book, the love and bond between Edward and Bella is incredible.  The author manages to make it "ooze" out of every letter of every word on every page.  And it's not some sappy romance novel (though I do love those).  It's classic. Like a cross between Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice.  Ha ha.  Only with more blood.  Ha ha.  It's an incredible story that could have been portrayed much better.  I should be a director.  I want to redirect it.  And I want Edward to bite me.  Yes I have thought about cheating on my husband with a fictional vampire.  Either way... loved it.
Rating: 9.5

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by youme123, Apr 01, 2009
This is fantastic therapy, if you ask me!  I'll ejoy reading these.

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by mrspace24, Apr 01, 2009
Yay!  I'm glad someone will enjoy reading them.  It just helps pass the time right now.

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