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a work in progress - detox and after - staying clean

Nov 09, 2007 - 1 comments

As much as I feel sad and disappointed and pissed off at myself for becoming addicted again after years of sobriety, I am VERY grateful for those years in which I built a good foundation through AA/NA, counselling, working the program and so on. All of those things are coming in useful now that I am finally on my way to quitting. I also know how much of my pill taking is plain old habit, as in routine, and I need to come up with ideas how to address cravings and how to change habits to make staying clean a long term proposition. Any suggestions very welcome, I would love to hear how others have reorganised their lives and habits in order to help themselves.

So, to start with, my triggers to use:
1. Waking up in the morning, pills and coffee ----> start having tea instead, or go out for a walk first thing in the morning
2. Hunger seems to feel much the same as a pill craving ---> regular meals
3. Coming home at the end of the day, usually hungry, take pills and surf the net for an hour to unwind - also coffee  
4. Boredom - at college between lectures, at home studying, I do hours and hours of study, and the pills are like mini-rewards or something

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by dark69meat, Nov 09, 2007
Hello again Alex,

Tea might be a better choice in lieu of coffee, but will it make a difference?  Yes, better diet; "regular meals" as you know.  Have you entertained the idea of exercise; a little might work wonders and worthwhile?  I swear going to the gym and eating a well balanced diet has saved my life, even with all the beer drinking.  I understand the concept of mini-rewards.  It's a matter of changing behavior, rituals and habits, and tall order.  Not sure if you run in positive social circles, but that might be a good influence too.  Boredom - can't help you there, I'm usually pretty occupied with music and staying in shape.  My biggest challenge lies ahead how I'll react in social situations where alcohol is served.  I need to develop a plan pronto and it's certainly going to be awkward.  That's where I'm very weak.

I am curious about one thing; are you tapering off for the Nov 14-15th date?  Might be quite a shock to the body. You've been sober apparently for years, you can do it again!

Your friend, dark

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