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Just Another Day!

May 09, 2013 - 0 comments

Well I havent been on here to much, as I have been sick for a while in and out of the ER, and the Drs office.. I also go to treatment.. Supposed to be there 5 days a week but I have been slipping on that... I have so much I have to have done in a short amount of time and I seem to be slipping here and there with a lot of things here lately. I had 17 days with out use, and then a relapse! Recovery is hard as **** and my living enviroment that I am unable to change at the time, is a lot to be desired, and is surely not any help to me at all, more of an enanbling situation here and I fight like hell everyday to avoid it but its there day in and day out! I am sad but there were choices I had to make to be where I am right now and I guess I just ahve to keep doing the extra work! Anxiety wise today was a good day! I have fel good I am making dinner and I did all the laundry so I wasnt sitting home doing nothing all day thank God!

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