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May 11, 2013 - 0 comments

oh jeezus.  if I ain look ... I I closen my eyes I don't see ... man I ain seen a thing ... I ain seen it!  no !!!!! no more!!! stop the linsanity!!!!!

gosh ahuh golly by gum

I finished my cookies.  nope did not toss them but finished them.  like this medium sized bag mmmmm so good so good Meegy so good!  yeah I know.  um ...

guess what im doin medhelp?  guess!  no I ain gone tell you just guess!  go ahead n guess then!


that's right!!!! IM WATCHING TEEVEE


I am watchin tee vee!!!!

helllllllllllllllls ya!!!!!

ty very much atb ty ty ty ty ty !!!!! you rock!  you rock so bad!  in a good way ...

um, another person told me that but that person aint around ... think they in the um Dog house ... and so anyway atb was the one who really did it cuz she believe in me.  yup like that.  she say 'meegy why don't you try' and when I was sittin here this affernoon I was all lookin at the remote like 'nope.  wont do it.  nope nope .not today Meegy I wont do it. '  oh wait that was rr.

anyway um ... I was so skeer cuz I was like, I member how fusstrated and upset id gotten the other day and I was skeer I start throwin furniture and putting holes in walls and this aint even rightly my wall to put holes in and such

but im like atb sez I can do it.  if she can do it, I can do it.

so I like, creep up on the remote and then BAM!  like Emeril yinnae yah and just ... im like, ... now how would I get to that place atb suggested ... I must havta pull up the menu.  once I did that it said like 'channel setup; and something like 'channel fix' and I put 'Channel 3 please' and BINGO I had a picture!

medhelp I was so stoked I yelled real loud "YES!  I AM THE TOTAL BOMB!"  I yelled it so loud I thought I was going to be evicted.

but I haven't been'


the addiks life is full of yets

I have about seven movie channels and a lot of others I am watching 'sweet home alabama' a very erudite and gripping film

I did my lesson plans for like three hours I believe it will be very successful I hope I hope

I went on a hike back to Sorreno this is south and by my house.  I did text Char and as I spected she was working but she said she woulda love to go.

when I went I was like 'ima just go on a short walk the way Char showed me and up the fire road to santa Maria road' which usually takes about a hour and thirty or forty its not that hard.  not ez im sure MM could not hack one 364th of it

mm so I got there and not many cars in the lot it was a lil hotter than id thought.  there was two oller guys kickin it in the park and wearing hats, I heard them talking about one of the guys' dates the other day how the chick told him on the first date that she was molested as a child.  he was supprize about this and not glad that she shared it I guess.  they looked at me and said "do you have enuf sunblock ' and 'better be sure you have a lot of water,' and I was like, what the hell do they know im a experience hiker im all good

and also I shrugged off rr's advice about the daim fone cuz I dint want to have ppl bother me and make my hike like stressful.  

good ideas, right?   I dint take the two bottles water I brot but one ony cuz I thought they was too heavy I have this mini backpack from target that's real dope


Medhelp well.

omg Meegy is a stupidhead.

did you know that/

oh you did.  ok.

yeah well first of all it was hot as hell.  no I mean it was HELLS hot!  later I saw the temp it was 102.  and im just fukkin sweating omg on the first leg I shoulda known but no .. Meegy's like I can take this beoitch and just keeeep goin

well I went one time before without Char to show me the new route member?  yeah.  but this park Medhelp so confusing it have like 25 ways you can go at each turn!  and I member like its conservative, so stay right, all the ways up its left and back its all rights except one time.  but medhelp I couldn't member which one was the exception!

and spit this park always look like 'oh that's the beaten trail' no wait 'that is' I mean they all looks viable!  theres no way to tell.

and so yup you got it I got lost.  fuhk all medhelp I gots lost going and then it was way hot and bright I had no fone I was runnin out of water just rationing it .. omg

and then I walked and walked kept getting harder and harder and less water and I was finally back in this weird trail that went into the houses ... and oh yeah the two guys had told me the fire road is not a fire road its Mulholland!  well that sure made sense cuz I kept asking Char this is a real road baby it gots to be it goes up the south side the valley she like no no no it ain which usually she real smart about that kine of thing

so I got into the place I got lost one time recently I was going after work?  and I hoped I had my fone that time!  I didn't learn.

so then im like ok I knows where I am so I went back up this super steep hill omg and then I headed back.

but medhelp I kept goin up and up.  im like 'I don't rightly remember that the trail kept getting steeper and all uphill like this what up"

finally I am like 'where is the dam dog park?' and im like oh spit I have been walking the rong way for like forty five.  and then I get to the tree Char and I clime.

by now I am almost out of water sort of close to panic.  like ok, I know where Im going I just keep it up

and I did.  it was fine cuz then I knew where I was but for like 20 I almost went into complete panic nobody really anywhere and houses not in sight and like no fone and parched I was all sketch

yeah stupid.  so I take my fone and more waters.

well it ended up to be like a three hour hike!!!! the ship was bound on the shore of this uncharted desert isle ... with Meegan ... the skipper too ...  Josh ...

ok Im back

um it was rough.

I ate a little clementine tangerine as I got close to the park and it was hot and the juice was so sweet and ... hey!  im talkin about a tangerine so shut up!  yeah um  it was the sweetest thing like u2 said .. I have never eaten a better tangerine in my life

when I got down into the park I noticed there was not a soul around, no kids, no dogs, no older guys, just this barebacked scary guy with some kind of 1967 Chevy or something and a dog and they was going into the restroom and it was spooky

and hot

I could barely walk.  my calves are so sore I would not describe them as legs and I got a little sun tho I slather on the sunblock so my Russian white skin wont burn.  its tinged pink.  

at one point in the hike I was like 'I am never coming here again' but I love that hike and some of it before got scared was beautiful and I was transported and like 'I have seen the face of god' and like 'I feel like myself here' etc.

so ill go back.  with provisions.

be careful, Meegy!

I know.  I learned my lesson.

nature is AWESOME and can turn on you in a ny minit

I camed home and shower omg what sweat

my socks were almost black

and then I did the teevee

and then I ordered sushi!  I know its not the best to order in sushi but it was the best bet for tired meegy and the miso was good.  I did not finish even half of it ty dr oz my stomach has the capacity of a small Dixie cup

you know that like Western line dancing/  I always made fun of it but in this movie it look cool  ... I want to do that.  anyone want to go?  its early here in ellay

I am so tired

its eight thirty

oh god!

I sure do love chainz.  still.  and I love big sean too. 'oh god!'

I went on shreddit and seriously the thrill is gone.  ok that's harsh but theres not too much I feel is worth a click.  I did get to see a white stripes video and I have to admit that was pretty dope.  I love jack white but sometimes he freaks me out.  who came first, him or Marilyn manson?  cuz I think jack sprat stole his look.  is jack divo from the drummer now?  doesn't that affect the chemistry?  the sound?  the dynamic?  I guess they have it figured out.

I just thought they might need my help.

anyway when I was on shreddit I was just tripping intensely about the amount of information out there and the lingo and the sophistication with language more and more ppl have and how like, you can get stories and views and input from around the world before you can say jack rabbit ... and it freaks me out!  I mean this idea freaked me out before I got into shreddit.  but now its worse.  like ...

like here u go like allllllls theez ppl in the world right now sitting on they viable azz sort of like um ... alone?  and nobody done relate to anyone else anymore and everyone on line and in they own four by five box watchin teevee.

I know.  its nothing new.  its all ben said.  but it still freaks me out!!!!!

and I still woulden mind Luda coming to my door with tickets to the Tree.  'don't stop get it get it/let me put some luda in it'  ha ha ha ... ok Luda


la la

la dee da


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