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8 months post-EOT

May 12, 2013 - 5 comments


I'm 8 months post-EOT and did achieve SVR, but have not regained my energy. It may yet come back, but I don't want to sit around doing nothing in the meantime!  My PCP is communicating with my other doctors, and investigating all my problems, to help me figure out how to regain as much as possible, and I'm  feeling a little better just from knowing she is working on my side. In the meantime I need to use what little energy I do have in a more effective manner, and one thing that means is that I need to cut back a little on time on the forum so I can find a little more time for my artwork, my husband, and repairs on my rundown house and garden! This site has been a lifesaver and I do still hope to continue making contributions. If I get too distant, or if I miss noticing a post where I might be especially helpful, I do hope one of my dear friends here will be kind enough to pop off a note to catch my attention! I love you guys!

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by Dee1956, May 12, 2013
Hey there, you have been one of the most supportive people on here.  You will regain your energy, I just think it takes a little longer than we were told.
I am over a year post tx with Incivk, Peg, Riba and have not regained all of myself but at times I see a little of the old me peeking through.  When something is funny or touching or I realize I am singing again.  All the things I forgot how to do. I have cirrhosis so I think that counts against me a bit and that is why I had so many problems on tx.  I am blessed to be SVR and I know it.  I want a little more, gardening is the best.  Anytime I have felt down in the past, gardening has really lifted me up.  Artwork sounds like it would be fun.  I think when people say baby steps I really get what they mean now.  If I think of where I was a year ago, bald and weak, weepy, anxious and look at myself today I can see improvement.  Sometime I go back and read posts from months ago just to try to take a measure of how far I have come.  It was a hard tx and I believe a hard recovery kind of goes hand in hand with that.  I hope I am not saying too much, I have a bad habit of "heart in right place, foot in mouth" :)
I know I feel as if I want to give back to help those as I have been helped, at the same time it is difficult to juggle the time.
Thank you so much for all of your support, you are a love

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by rivll, May 12, 2013
Thanks Ceanothus. I understand your desire/need to move on. I too, am working on recreating my life (to use your words to me:) ) I think it is part of the healing process. I am finding restorative yoga to be a great help too.

I do hope you stay in touch. Your posts are so helpful in terms of knowledge, support and compassion. You are a real gem and I do hope the people on the forum can continue to benefit from your posts.
All the best, dear one.
Love, Riv

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by crossroadsec, May 28, 2013
What a wonderful way to recoup your energy - gardening! I hope that you will find your own growth and health as you watch for a harvest from nature. You have such a great heart and have helped so many.
Artwork. I'll bet some good creativity is just waiting to be unleashed. Many blessings. I love you too.

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by timothy141, Jun 05, 2013
Just want to thank you for your input, as you have been here and there. Placing your thoughts even with in my threads from the beginning of my tx. And me being the knucklehead I am at times, don't always want to hear or cant always hear that which is true. But in the moment I began to hear I  really began to understand.

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by rivll, Jun 15, 2013
Thinking of you Ceanothus. You have been a tremendous help to me and others with your compassionate and intelligent posts.
Take good care of yourself and do check in as you are able.

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