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I am very sad tonight  had to put my oldest cat to sleep

Apr 02, 2009 - 14 comments

This a very sad day for our family. I am so depressed.  We had go put our oldest Cat Precious (Mybaby that I love so much.  who was a sixteen years old .  We took Precious the Animal Humane Society this afternoon to have him put to sleep. He had diabetes and very bad arthritis in his front feet. We have 3 cats and this is one more thing that I love that FIBRO. has taken from me.  And  I just could not handle keeping up with all the cleaning the litter boxes and vacuum the carpet from the their litter everywhere. I was so sore yesterday  I just sat in the room and just cried because I knew what I had  to do. Our youngest Son is going to take his Cat(miss Kitten) he says he will pick her up this week, So we will only will have 1 cat I should be able take care of, my Fitzie in Heaven.:(

I pray my we did the right thing for Precious I needed to share my feelings with my MH Family.

Love you all,

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by rudyhorse, Apr 02, 2009
Awwww, I am so sorry.  It is so hard, and I had to cut down on how many rabbits I raise because I couldn't keep up, and of course people wanted my favorites.  Maybe we tend to blame ourselves, but it is ok, it is getting easier for me now that it has been awhile, so maybe you will find that too.

You didn't want Precious to suffer, you did the right thing for him, it hurts you, but he doesn't hurt anymore.  
It sure makes me mad what has been taken from me because of illness.  Then too I am more determined to make the most of what I have been able to have/keep.  If this makes any sense, somehow, I figure by educating myself, the support I get here, and determination I will kick this illnesses butt......
I hope you feel better.  Cuddle up with you kitties still at home and know our thoughts are with you.!

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by LLWB, Apr 03, 2009
My heart goes out for your loss. You didn't want him to suffer anymore. And you know you did the right thing, it's just hard to accept. It's normal to think what if? But it doesn't change what had to be done. Hang in there, God made all creatures, and he will have His hand on Precious tonight. Hugs & Prayers, Maggie

822094 tn?1238792999
by Jo8nn8, Apr 03, 2009
You obviously loved your cat deeply as you made the right choice and put him out of pain. Best wishes x

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by SharJ, Apr 04, 2009
Thank you to all of you for your sympathy and love in death of our beloved Cat Precious he was 16years old.  This was the hardest decision yesterday.  I just could not keep up with the proper care for 3 cats.  Our youngest son Daniel is going to come into town next week to pickup hi miss kitten. I will be down to one cat left, he is a Tuxedo-Fitzie.  He has come a long way, he was near to being feral.  I have spent a lot of time with him over the last 9yrs. to gain his trust.  I have done that he is a character, and a chatter box.  He calls me mama from the back of our place.  I am going to miss Precious for a long time. He knew when something was really wrong with me, he would let me hold him and just cry. Our Family is not dealing with this very well. Our kids all grown are having a very rough time.

I babbling, but thank you all very much,

Love, Shar

460185 tn?1326081372
by lonewolf07, Apr 04, 2009
I can really identify with your pain.  Late last year we had to euthanize our 24 yr old cat, Pond Scum.  He was with me through so much when I needed unconditional love and understanding.  No words can describe the emptiness his passing caused and still causes me.  I have no doubt that your cat was as much loved as any cat can be and that you are really hurting at the loss of your cat.  Actually, he's more than a cat - he was a family member.  If there is a cat Heaven, I hope Pond Scum and Precious and all the other cats who have passed are eating gourmet cat food, have unlimited treats, have lots of cat toys and even a few dogs to play with.  Precious is probably watching over you right now.

Hugs .... wolf

874521 tn?1424120397
by opus88, Apr 18, 2009
to u all who has lost a loved 'the rainbow bridge'
I too have had to put pets down over the years, my very best friend 'opus' was 17 and due to heart problems that I nursed for 3 years finally had to give up the battle, he always slept beside me, and the last while I would lay there and listen to his laboured breathing and pray "please God take him in his sleep"...because putting him down was the most difficult decision of my life!!
It took me a long, long time to feel ok abt it, but I will forever miss him,,,,my OPUS.
I still have 2 other kitties I love them dearly, but they will never be a presious as opus was. I know all of your pain.
I also know your physical pain, I too have OA,FM and herniated disks....on meds+++
now trying cortisone
lv OPUS88

847433 tn?1243013252
by missy142, Apr 18, 2009
my name is mary (missy142) and I read your post.  I adore animals and know exactly how you feel.  A few years ago (6)  I had to put down my precious "missy" hence my screen name, and i thought I would die.  She had cardiomyopathy and I had been giving her meds and subcutaneous fluids (with needle) to try and sustain her.  I realized finally at some point that I had to let her go for HER sake, even if it tore me apart, I keep her ashes safe with me:).  I am weepy now as I read your post and speak about mine.  You did the RIGHT THING, you had to do what was right for HIM.  You will grieve and mourn and your heart will break just as any loss, but time will heal, you wont forget but you will heal. I feel your pain, i am an animal freak and have been since childhood.  I now have my precious "jetty" who is 4 now, and a little spitfire:)  He is a male so he is pretty tough, but still a "mama's boy":).

Nothing much but time will help you, just love your cat that is still at home as he/she will feel the loss as well, but will also bring you comfort.  If you need to talk give a holler.


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by PlateletGal, Apr 18, 2009

I am so sorry for your loss. I also know the pain of losing a beloved pet because I lost one of my dogs (ITP.. from a Parvo vaccination) in 2004.

This is something that comforted me during that difficult time and I hope will comfort you as well:

"The Rainbow Bridge"

Thank you for loving your cat and giving him a good home.



765070 tn?1384873394
by Melissa0116, Apr 18, 2009
You are in my prayers.  I love animals and have a pet of my own.  Amber is her name and I have a photo of her under my photos.  She is part of our family.  So, just know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and you did the right thing.  Precious is no longer suffering and is in a very happy place.  

God Bless,


335728 tn?1331418012
by Rena705, Apr 18, 2009
Shar...I am so sorry to hear that you had to put your beloved kitty to sleep.  I know how you are feeling and would like to say that the pain will pass quickly...however I doubt that it will.  We have these lovable animals in our lives for such a short time but it is long enough to build a relationship not unlike the ones we have with children...we love them, provide for them, protect them, feed them and in return they give us all of can we not love them unconditionally.

My sheltie cross Kassy was one such "child" and I have wonderful memories of her and yet the final moment during which we had her put to sleep is etched in my mind forever.  We watched that movie "Marley and Me" last week and at the end the owner has to put Marley to sleep and it was so fresh in my mind that it was like going through it all over again...the PAIN was fresh all over again.

Please know though Shar that your child is now in a better place in that she is no longer suffering the pain of arthritis and the illness that is diabetes.  My Kassy was insulin dependent and it was a daily pain in our hearts to have to take blood from her and then give her insulin...then she was diagnosed with cancer and that is when we decided that we did not have the right to do all the medical things necessary to attempt to keep her alive with no guarantee of a good quality of life.  She was suffering and we couldn't sit by and watch so we said our goodbyes and had the vet take her to that better place.

My hubby and I had planned to put her ashes at the lake that she loved so much but we haven't been able to do that so far...however, we mentioned to my Mom that we still have Kassy's ashes and she asked that when her time comes, could we put her ashes with hers so that they can be together and keep each other safe and we have agreed.  My Father's ashes are in a crypt at a cemetery and Mom was to be put with him but she has since decided that she would like to have her ashes spread near a river that leads to the Pacific Ocean.  I agreed knowing that Kassy and Mom will look after each other and keep each other company on their journey to see my Dad.

Shar honey...please know that my thoughts are with you and I hope that you are able to accept that your friend is in a better place and that she would not want to see you sad.  Precious has gone over that Rainbow Bridge honey and she is happy as a kitten with a huge ball of wool and she can play with that ball of wool because the pain is gone.  You too need to move on and find a ball of wool to play with your Fitzie...he will be feeling the loss as well and while he won't take the place of Precious, knowing that you have Fitzie to look after you will make Precious happy too!

Take Care and Lots of Gentle Hugs,

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by VaBreeze, Apr 18, 2009
I'm so sorry SharJ.  I know that it wasn't an easy thing to do, but you did what you felt was the best thing (therefore it was).  We can become very attached to our pets...for some these are their babies and it hurts to lose them.  I've lost many myself and cried just as you are doing's ok hon.  My son had to put his pup down about a year go...a min-pin who just turned 2, due to seizures.  They did it because they loved him and didn't want him to be in I know you did the right thing too.

You are in my thoughts and paryers.


535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Apr 18, 2009
I am so sorry it hurts doesnt it, I have a killer of a calico if you want her she driving me nuts .. took her in a few weeks ago kills everything she can see, Feel better soon ..its horrible when we loose a pet

363281 tn?1518219421
by SassyLassie, Apr 18, 2009
I am soooo sorry over the loss of your beloved "fur baby" The hurt is indescribable. I had a sweet kitty named Suki, we were inseparable, well, one day, he started acting sick and finally would not eat, I would try to feed him little bits of food from a spoon, and that dear loved me so much, he would try to eat it, but, then, he would bring it back up. It killed me to see my sweet love like this. Well, I took him to the vet, she said she could help him and that I could bring him home in a day or so, well, I called two days later, and was told he had died!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked and completely devastated. I was not told how or why. I cried all day, was sick as a dog, and thought my heart would literally burst. I had never experienced the death of anything close to me, and I was completely sick over it. I could not go to the store, if I did and saw the pet section, I would cry, if I saw other kitties, I would cry. However, being the healer time is, I started to get better, and, I got another kitty, Butch O' Malley, he is not the same as Suki, but, I love him.

What comforts me the most is that Suki is in a most wonderful place, playing, no pain, and now, my mother is with him too. I love the Rainbow bridge, yes, it makes you cry, but it is a good cry. I can almost picture myself there with my beloved pets.

You are not alone in this, our pets are special, and to grieve is normal, they are a part of us, a very big part. You did the right thing, as painful as it was, and I know your kitty knew you loved him very much.

The posts here are beautiful, and I hope they all give some degree of comfort. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


525545 tn?1293184794
by SharJ, Apr 19, 2009
To all of you and your special thoughts of comfort are so loving in the memory of our Mr. Precious.  We miss him so much, our other 2 cats miss him too.  I just want to say thank you from me and my husband Mike.  I can't explain how much all your comments have helped me.  I still cry, he always knew when I did not feel well, if I was crying he would sit in my lap until I stopped crying, then he would give me kisses on my checks. He was my baby. But I know he is with my mom and they are playing and cuddling. Having Fitz who calls me Mama until he finds me then he wants me to pet him. He is special also, he was nearly feral our neighbors did not take care of him. He follows me through the house. It helps having Fitz, but he in not my gentle Precious. Then there is our Calico cat named Kitten: She is about 8yrs old and very playful. She loves to hide and scare me.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, God Bless each of you. You have given me a lot of comfort.

Hugs, Sharj

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