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7th Try for IVF

May 13, 2013 - 0 comments





Dr Fakih










Natural Killer Cell test






chromosome embryo check


Tawam Hospital

After 5 attempts at IVF in the Government Hospital 'Tawam' I had decided to try the number 1 leading IVF clinic in the UAE. My Google search took me to Dr. Fakih. It mentions over 60% success rates.

Tried my 6th IVF cycle with a chromosome embryo check. The transfer was cancelled after the embryos were noted to be abnormal.

I couldn't afford another chromosome check so I'll be leaving it to God this time around.

All 5 previous transfers were 3 day stage transfers. I have decided to try the 5 day blastocyst stage to try to increase my chances.

18 follicles were taken and out of those 11 developed into embryos.
7 of those were under strict observation.

Received a phone call today from Fakih IVF clinic. My blastocyst transfer is to occur tomorrow May 14, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.

I was surprised to hear that Dr. Michael Fakih was going to perform the transfer since my current Dr.'s name is Dr. Monikka. I don't have a problem with that. I know for a fact that the steadier the hands the doctor has the better the chances and I'm pretty sure this guy must have steady hands.

What was different this time around?
Everything. Hysteroscopy to assess my uterus. It was normal but my fallopian tubes were blocked.
Natural Killer Cell test ($1,000 dollars) !!! Faints.. but had to do it. It assesses to see if your body is rejecting the embryo transplant. And guess what. It came out as positive. Now taking Prednisolone 9 days prior to transfer.
I was then informed in order to help me with this I was going to receive Intra Venous immunoglobulin which will help my body accept the embryo.

3 times a day 400 mg Progesterone vaginal suppositories
2 times a day Progyluton (white tab only) morning time sublingual (under the tongue) 1 at night vaginally !! o.O I know.. weird but I'm not asking any questions.

I will post my results afterwards.
Will it be positive or a negative?
After 7 times one tends to lose hope but every time I would go to the Fakih clinic I would see so many women carry ultrasound pics on their hands.. They had all become pregnant after just the first try with Dr. Fakih.

I tear up every time I see them. Not out of green envy but out of the hope it has begun to create in me. Will God place an ultrasound pic on my hand too?

I sure hope so.

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