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April 3, 2009

Apr 03, 2009 - 0 comments

Eating disorders

I did rather good today, I skipped dinner, and ate under 1000 calories, I didnt exercise but i know i walk off almost 600 calories just from a regular day. I cant wait until  tomarrow, cuz I lost weight even since yesterday, when i binged, i was so releived. I thought i was goingt to have gained. i also noticed chrystal light takes away the taste for food. but when m stomach growls i still eat. i have so much chrystal light in my kitchen. im going to try to skip 1 meal a day and drink that instead. i hope im 122 by tomarrow, right now im 123.6. I am going to go kinda lazy, and about to go to bed. GoodNight!

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