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Baby Blog - Doctor Visit, Thursday, April 2nd

Apr 03, 2009 - 2 comments



doctor visit


blood clotting disorder

I went for my final visit with my perinatologist today!  The baby's about 4lbs 3oz which puts him in the 30th percentile.  That worries me a tiny bit, but the doctor said anything above 10% is perfectly normal.  He said since Brady and I were both small babies then ours should be too.  Everything looked fine and the doc seemed pleased with it all.  He said he's gonna recommend that I start having non-stress tests done on the baby's heartbeat to insure that there are no blood clots behind my placenta.  He also will recommend that I be induced at 38 to 38 1/2 weeks because of my blood clotting disorder.  My regular OB is very "by the book" so we'll see how that goes over.

I also asked him about my Lovenox shots...if they could at all possibly poke the baby.  My belly is getting thinner and thinner and a couple nights ago as I was injecting my medicine the baby kicked exactly where the needle was and it actually forced it out of my belly!  That scared the hell out of me and made me wonder if the needle could possibly poke through my amniotic sac or get to the baby.  He assured me it couldn't unless I was like pressing really hard and shoving the needle into my skin.

A while back I mentioned that I'd have to switch from Lovenox to Heparin at 36 weeks.  Well I found out why.  Lovenox is a once a day shot that stays in your system longer than Heparin.  Heparin is a twice a day shot that doesn't stay in your system as long.  The problem with this medication being in my system when I go into labor is that if it's not been out of my system long enough and I have an epidural there's a chance it could cause a blood clot in my spinal column which would cause permanent paralysis.  The perinatologist told me that I would be safe with stopping the shot a little early if we induce which would insure it'd be out of my system.  He said if my last shot was taken 12 hours before I would need the epidural I'd be perfectly safe.  He said also they test my blood to make sure all my level are back to normal before I have the epidural.  So he didn't seem concerned at all, but I still am!  He suggested I have a meeting with the anesthesiologist to discuss with him what my plan will be.

Physcially I'm feeling pretty much okay except for the fact that I can't breathe as well as I'd like and sometimes it makes me feel like I'm gonna pass out.  Also, the baby loves to try to find a way out through my ribcage...that's a lot of fun!  So that's my update for now.  You'll know more when I do!

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1524811 tn?1333244901
by Melissa_1982, Feb 21, 2011
Curious to know how everything turned out.  I'm 34 weeks pregnant & have just been put on Lovenox for a lung clot.  I was given NO information before hand & now am quite worried after reading the leaflet.

593530 tn?1263851557
by Cyrena, Feb 21, 2011
Well as it turned out I forgot to take my shot the morning before I delivered my son. I had a 9am appointment for a routine ultrasound that I was running late for, so I put my shot in my purse and headed out the door. I was gonna take my shot after my appointment.  At my appointment it was discovered that my amniotic fluid had dropped dangerously low, therefore I was induced a few hours later and had my son!  They do blood testing though to insure enough or all of the medication is out of your system prior to doing the epidural.

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