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not feeling well!!!

Mar 30, 2008 - 0 comments

well today has been weird, i dont believe ive ever had this sort of period before. up until AF showed I thought i was pregnant, many signs pointed to it, a faint bfp, nausea, fatigue, but now i started with my normal period and the only difference is, it only lasted two days. but both days i bled very heavily, as usual. I still feel nauseous and today i had some unusual back pain, coffee hits me a lot faster than it used to also! wierd thing i know but im a heavy coffee drinker, so i dont really feel the effects of it like some ppl, but the past few weeks 1 cup of coffee gets me so jittery i can barely function! my body is freaking out on me, good thing i scheduled an appointment in april. i must be undergoing some major hormonal changes. why at the age of 21? i dont know. haha

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