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2WW Symtoms I am experiencing!

Mar 30, 2008 - 1 comments

1 dpIUI-  Still cramping and some spotting.  I was sore the day of the IUI and after resting all night I felt great the   next day.  Then later that evening I started getting just a little bit sore.  

2dpIUI-  cramping and twinges off and on.

3dpIUI- cramping and twinges off and on...noticed amounts of creamy white "lotioney" discharge that I never have had before.

4-5 dpIUI- cramping and twinges off and on....

6 dpIUI- sore breasts starting, not too bad though...could be AF.  I usually get headaches, sore bbs and moodiness a week before AF.  AF is expected in 8 days so that is about right, but maybe early.  BUT...again, quite a bit of the same discharge mentioned above.  I feel like there is something to that....


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by evenkeel, Apr 21, 2008
Hey how did your IUI go?? I just had one today and I left feeling just fine but during the day I got soooo sore I had trouble moving around without wincing. This is our first try and am praying that it works. Did it work for you? I hope it did!

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