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Weight loss

May 17, 2013 - 0 comments

Weight Loss

For sometime now, I have been trying to lose weight. As many of you know,The struggles that come with that..I have always been on the roller-coaster . I have tried all the pills and fads.Only to realize they don't work. I have decide that watching what I eat and exercise is the only way. I eat relativity healthy. My problem is more portion size and my love for cooking.( I stuff my face to much) Where I live, not to many "friends" to help motivate me..My husband does the best he can. As of today am going to start with smaller portions, three times a day.More water and exercise.I did 20min on treadmill.Yeah me.It's a start..Then as the weeks go on ,increase time along with adding in some high impact.Like Shun T or sweating to the ..If it doesn't kill me first.. I have to be careful because I have Endometriosis and lower back problems.. Which in return can keep me down for days at a time..Double sword.. Praying that the days will get easier..I know mind wise it will all be worth it..Now if the motivation will kick in and stay that way..All I know is when I stopped smoking three years ago, it wasn't as hard as staying focused..Anyhow that's my story and I'm sticking to it..

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