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Apr 05, 2009 - 0 comments

On Tramadol 50mgs x 4 times a day ( for knee pain, torn cartlidge, having it repaired on 20th april 2009)
Gabapentin now 600mgs x3 times a day (for neck shoulder and head pain)
Lomotil 2.5mgs x 4 times a day (for stomach problem)
Bedranol 80mgs 1 a day (as the neurologist said i have migraines)
Not happy as i have so many symptoms:
Pain in neck
Pain in head
Pain in back
Weakness in Knees and back
Running nose
Pain under right rib
Pain in knees
Aching arms elbows, legs and ankles
Bowel problems (dr said it was IBS)

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