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DH blood test results...

May 18, 2013 - 2 comments

So DH called the RE to get the results and they were as expected.  DH has testicular failure :-(. DH was the one who told me. Even though it was expected it didn't effect me until i heard it from dh himself. Dh says all he wants is to see me happy.  

Since we knew this result we were already looking into the other options. I wanted to be able to experience pregnancy and carry my own child. At first i was considering donor embroys. I figured given dh situation it can be a neutral thing i guess. It wouldn't be our egg and sperm but I still would be able to carry. I was not too fond over the idea of donor sperm because its not dh sperm. Dh says with the donor sperm I will at least have a child genetically mine. Dh seems to be ok with the idea of donor sperm.

Before we proceed with anything the RE wants to to do a ultrasound to check for fibroids and a hsg test. I told the nurse I do have fibroids and she's gonna call and see if she can my records so I may not have to do another ultrasound.

Another chapter down and other one about to get started.

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1118302 tn?1422498761
by yoha919, May 19, 2013
so sorry sis :( call me when ever!

1302038 tn?1439578832
by TinaR10, May 19, 2013
So sorry stay prayerful

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