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hysterectomy 28th

Apr 05, 2009 - 4 comments

Well today was a painful day for me so i am just counting down the days till i get my surgery done and over with.I am so in hopes that there will be pain free days ahead.I also live with Cerebral palsy which affects my legs also so one less pain would be great for me in this stage of my life.

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies whom answered my post .You were very informative and helpful with advice.although i am still very nervous i go in with a positive attitude hoping for a good out look afterwards.


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by tobesmartt, Apr 07, 2009
Awwwh... so sorry to hear that.  Are you taking any perscribed medication for you Cerebral Palsy?  

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by Leah09, Apr 08, 2009
Yes doctor has given me something for pain when i need it but along with the back pain etc with my ando it gets to be to much sometime.


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by Cherie762, Apr 09, 2009
Leah..your uterus is probably quite enlarged,,,your surgery is soon ( 2 days after my son turns 18)  so by all means please dont suffer, take the pain meds,,,if they make you sleepy thats ok,,,take a nice long nap...I have had some friends with different kinds of surgery wait even longer times while in pain,,its very sad that anyone has to suffer while waiting for a procedure....(((((((((hugs)))))))) Cherie

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by tobesmartt, Apr 14, 2009
Leah.  Are you over your cold?   Vitamin C chewables are good. They taste good too.  I take it with my iron pills.  They say it's better absorbtion .  Good luck.  

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