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8 yr old with allergies to PB, Water, and Cold. Please help with some info.

Apr 05, 2009 - 0 comments

skin allergies


Food Allergies

My 8 year old daughter has food and enviropnmental allergies, as well as asthma.  I am very concerned about her as of lately because these allergies seem to be worsening. In December '08 I was making Buckeyes and, of course she ate a few....what kid wouldn't.  About 30 minutes later she started breaking out in hives all over her chest.....then her back....then her face....and they continued to spread. I immediately took her to the hospital, assuming she had developed a peanut allergy.  Then 2 weeks ago, my mom made PB fudge and she broke out again. This time it was much worse. She started out coughung, then wheezing, so mom gave her an inhaler to use.  Moments later, her face began to swell and get red. mom called me and I was there within 2 minutes. I immediately gave her benadryl, and headed for the ER. By the time I made the 15 minute drive, she was covered....not in splotchy hives.....not one part of her was not red and hot! Her nailbeds (fingers and toes) were blue, even though she was no longer wheezing. I am very concerned about her and I would like to know if anyone has similar allergic reactions as far as signs and symptoms. Also, she breaks out terrible after taking a bath or swimming, as well as being out in the cold (and not just the skin that is exposed to cold) She also has a few other less severe food and environmental allergies. Please help.

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