Life after hysterectomy

May 22, 2013 - 10 comments

So here I am let me see 3months out since my hysterectomy. I have hot flashes mainly at night but I havent woken up drenched. I am not on any supplements since we want the endo to regress and not "feed" it anymore. I am having a ct scan in a few weeks to see how things look and then Ill have OP surgery to hopefully remove my stent in my ureter(that things such a b!tch), I havent been moody and I am loving being mainly pain free. I am also scheduled to see the GI Dr in July since my bowels are adhered to my cervix and I have issues.
I am hopeful that the nightmare that endometriosis brought to me is over and these issues are minor and I can move on.

HOWEVER I have this eating issue!! Most days all I am is hungry yet Im not hungry and Im not bored, and I cant get full! I dont know what to do I dont want to end up a Whale!
I need advice, input, dieting(yet no feeling like I am) ideas, anything to help me out.
I dont know what to do about this amd it doesnt seem to matter what I chose to eat. I just cant get that full feeling yet I never get that hunger feeling if this makes any sense at all cause to me I doesnt!!
Any input ladies?

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by melimeli, May 22, 2013
What are you mainly craving?  I have pcos and the only way I have been able to loose weight is to limit carbs.  Are you hungry at night?  are there triggers?  I am glad you are pain free now.  I hope in July you get good news!

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by hopeitworks, May 22, 2013
I dont really crave anything thats the problem. I will eat whatever! its awful I cant even explain it. I do find however if I even eat a piece of rice I gain a lb! This maybe the light bulb moment I need and should start there. But carbs are sooo good!! LOL
No no hunger at night and no real triggers either. I cant help myself idk how I expect anyone else to have the answer lol

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by krichar, May 22, 2013
Limit your carbs to before noon... Choice whole or multigrains. Eat more protein, that tends to fill you up more. Keep veggies and fruits ready to eat so they are a go to. Get some raw almonds, I find a small handful tends to curb my appetite a bit. I know I have all the advice I just have to follow myself, lol

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by Bnl1024, May 22, 2013
My dr told me i need to cut back on carbs. but it only seems like i can get full if i eat carbs. Ive started eating for breakfast ham bacon scrambled eggs cheese and sausage in a wheat wrap (no seasoning) and for lunch ill have a 20oz smoothie but i tell them to make it skinny because itll cut down on the sugars and carbs. with me being pregnant i still need some carbs. and for supper ill eat either a salad with some cheese meat and a egg in it. or ill cook a hamburger and put some cheese on top. basically a protean diet. but still getting a certain amount of carbs or the baby. i did this diet before with no carbs and lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks. its following the atkins but in my own way.

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by KTowne, May 22, 2013
i agree with krichar.. carbs are good as long as they're whole or multigrain.. i can eat literally 5 wheat thin crackers and be FULL haha!! I'm trying to lose baby weight so this is my journey as well.. i've been eating wheat thins, nuts, fruits, veggies, fiber one bars, wheat bread, lean meats, etc. limit fats and carbs, carbs especially, unless they're whole/multigrain.. because they really help you feel fuller, longer! i'm just trying to make little changes here and there.. changing white for wheat, only healthy food, etc.. i want it to be a life choice, not a few months diet, it has to be something that will stick with you to keep the weight off.. just doing this healthy eating since last wednesday I've lost 3lbs already! my friend did a diet where she didn't eat ANY carbs for about 4 months, she lost a ton of weight, but she gained it back plus some when she decided she couldn't eat that way for the rest of her life. but breastfeeding i'm connnnstantly hungry, so i understand the "bottomless pit" feeling haha!!

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by hopeitworks, May 22, 2013
Thanks for all the advice ladies. I have to do something I just feel so bleh! Gotta get the energy back!! and feel good about myself again!

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by Helen72, May 22, 2013
I worked with a nutricionist during my gestational diabetes period and she advised me to snack on high protein foods, like nuts, cheese, dry fruit, etc.  Perhaps they can help fill you in.  Also, walking can help you feel better.

Sorry you are dgoing through this...

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by mandaszoo, May 22, 2013
I totally agree with the protein rich diet being more satisfying, If I have boiled egg and a slice of wholemeal toast for breakfast I don't crave a snack mid morning where as with cereal I am starving again in an hour.. If you really need something a banana is great low fat and healthy. Best protein meals are chicken breast with lots of salad or veg and small baked potato. Also steak and tuna all high protein and low fat. Cheese is delicious but very high in fat.
  Also brisk walking really helps even with mood swings. I used to have anxiety attacks after my daughter died and power walking was only way could manage anxiety. Still do at least 2 mile a day .More at weekends.
  Take care of yourself I think you are doing wonderful coping with a hysterectomy and everything that goes with it. x

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by hopeitworks, May 22, 2013
@mandaszoo- Thank you so much for responding. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter pardon my ignorance I didnt know you lost a child. I am sorry to hear this. I really like your suggestions and I have done eggs before and salads these with grapefruit and lost weight. I just cant think about eating all that grapefruit again!! LOL However doesnt mean I cant still eat the good stuff.

I do love salads and chicken is my favorite :), I do walk with Quinlan when I am off I def could do more on the wkends I did do spin class and loved that and it sounds like a excuse but now we have just 1 vehicle, and I work 4x10hr days. So by the time I get off work cook, get Quinlan to bed its after 8 and honestly. If DF is home I dont wanna run out the door to the gym, life sure does change after a lil one lol but so worth it

3233386 tn?1447028295
by mandaszoo, May 23, 2013
Hey it is ok .
I know what you mean about working long hrs and by the time you have cooked and put Q to bed you prob just want to collapse on sofa. I do as I am on my feet all day. If I have been cooking all day I don't feel like cooking much but I LOVE food. It is more difficult with you having a little one but what I do is put chicken breast and potato wedges in to cook while I am walking dogs. Then throw together salad and my favourite hot nandos sauce.
PS I hate Gyms so walking is my only exercise.
Good luck whatever you do. Don't be too hard on yourself as you haven't had much time to recover and hormones will make you crave food. Things should settle with time.
Hope you are well and glad the pain is better

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