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end stage liver disease

Mar 31, 2008 - 0 comments



end stage







I am seeking info on diet, excercise, vitamins, any info concerning this disease. My husband currently has ascites, recently had his gallbladder removed Dec. 07, along w/ having a urethral stricture, and a hernia reparied in his belly button. He was doing pretty well before the surgery but now is dealing w/ a lot of ascites. He is currently on a low sodium diet and fluid restriction. He has been following up w/ our internal doctor that has him on 3 spironlactone- 25 mg.- 1 10mg torsemide a day. We do not seem to be getting anywhere much w/ this. He has lost some of the fluid but still has alot more to go. He also is having some problems w/ his kidney function. When the med's were increased to 20mg of torsemide the function went down and after it was changed to 10 it went back up. Please help, any info appreciated.    

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