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Surgery postponed, getting injections in back first.

Mar 31, 2008 - 1 comments

The surgery to remove the cyst in my wrist is going on the back burner for now. My rheum doc referred me to pain management. Went last week. Doctor is great. Understood my need to try non-narcotic ways to treat my pain. Suggested "cervical facet injections" they do it under sedation. And they do the right and left side on separate visits about a week apart. I am hopeful and grateful that someone is offering me some suggestions instead of my rheum doc just saying that "without opiates my hands are tied" Damn doctors only know how to write scripts. I avoiding the whole pain management thing for all these months thinking they were just gonna write scripts. Now I am thinking differently. Maybe this can help someone else out there struggling with pain.
Hope everyone is staying in the fight.


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by thisissohard, Apr 13, 2008
In defense of pain management Dr's. "my personal experience" has been different. I went to a place that had many Dr's in the practice and sometimes I was bounced due to work schedule. I saw 5 different Dr's in the same practice, and every single one of them was willing to do injections, even suggested them, and alternative treatment, of course they were also willing to prescribe pain medication, but that's what I wanted.  I was to lazy to find alternative ways on my own to cope with the pain. But had I told any of the 5 MD's that I didn't want narcotics, they already had the esi injections, facet injections, NSAID's, physical therapy, in line for treatment.  Most aren't bad, although they do tend to follow the lead of the patient.

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