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genital warts, and planned parenthood.

Apr 07, 2009 - 1 comments

Genital Warts


planned parenthood







I'm pretty convinced i have GW yet, i still haven't gone to a doctor. I would like to go to a near planned parenthood, the only problem is...if i do have it and they prescribe me something are my parents able to find out? I'm already freaked out enough as it is, but my parents finding out isn't an option. They say they're 100% confidential, but nothings confidential when you're a minor....does anyone know anything about this subject?

please help me out.

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by auntiejessi, Apr 07, 2009
Hi there -

Most states have laws that allow minors to get tested and treated for stds without parental notification, and in those laws, it means they can't tell your parents without written permission from you.  Here is a list of states and laws -  or you can call your local PP and ask them about the laws in your state without giving your name.


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