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Food allergy woes

Apr 07, 2009 - 0 comments

Food Allergies






bumps on lips

Ugh!  Over the past few weeks I've been waking up with hives.  I am under the impression that I am allergic to berries.  On Saturday night I ate a bowl of raspberries and within hours had hives on my wrists, feet, legs, arms, etc.  The next day, I noticed teeny, tiny bumps on my lips.  They seemed to improve when I put Benadryl on my lip (only bumps near the top edge of my lip).

No hives on Monday.  Then, Monday night I went and got ice cream.  The ice cream had strawberries in it.  Tuesday morning I woke up with hives again on my legs, feet, wrists, etc.  Also, the bumps on my lip were back.  Hives went away within a few hours of being up.  Bumps on my lips have reduced with topical Benadryl, though are not gone completely.  

I made an appointment with an allergy specialist, but can't get in for 2 weeks.  Until then, I am going to try to avoid berries.  I am also watching my lips to see if any other patches of bumps appear.  So far, nothing.  Just the original area and the bumps are really pretty much gone (my husband can hardly tell they are there - he never really noticed them, so they can't be that big though they seem bad to me!).

I have had the bumps on my lips before, when I changed toothpaste - that was accompanied by chapped lips that all went away after I went back to my old toothpaste.  Seems I can only use Cinnamon Crest!  

Everything I found online about bumps on lips is pretty scary.  Cold sores (never had before and don't want to have!), impetigo (I've had before, this is nothing like thta) and other weird, scary things.  Ugh!  Can't wait to see the doctor and find out what is going on.

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