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The Deferment

May 27, 2013 - 2 comments

Maybe I should have deferred this til tomorrow..... In short, I need to tell you that I had the appointment. After an almost two hour wait, a young, never seen him before Doctor called me in.... I immediately thought to myself How am I going to tell him about all that I have found out in the last three months....  His first question points towards... You are here for Interferon... Bbbbbut, how are my results. They took urine last time to measure something else, is that useful?  He pretty much panned the significance of this off... Well actually Doctor, I have done a lot in the last three months... I pursued the Hep C of Victoria support groups. Also consulted a naturopath, started St Mary's thistle two weeks ago and Licorice Root tea and feel fantastic. For the first time in ages I have energy at the end of the day... So how bad are my scores....all my scores are normal bar my eGFR, whatever that is, which was 79 ml/min when it should be >90....everything else is normal bar the fact that Hep C is detected with a load of 5.78 log10 (IU/ml)...not very high. So the decision I made was to defer decision so if I do pursue treatment, the new treatment may be developed better to reduce the side effects......I can't help feeling sceptical of the medical model.  There, that said, I'm going to monitor closely, had to convince the doctor to give me pathology request, as I want to know what impact if anything the introduction of a few new things has on my scores....  Til next time

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by asle, Jun 05, 2013
It doesn't matter how you got HCV. No one here is judgemental. It just doesn't matter. what matters that you get a clear understanding of how much damage your liver has suffered through this disease.
The only really definitive test still, is a liver biopsy. even that only takes a tiny sample of your liver and assess the fibrosis or cirrhosis etc. damage etc can be on the part of your liver that isn't biopsied. MRI's, Ultrasounds will give a more well rounded look at what's going on. You really need to see a specialist, not just a gastroentoligist, but  a liver specialist. Doctors aren't really that clued up about treatments. they read what the pharmas send them on the black box warnings and assorted literature. They generally don't listen. So this means there needs to be a sysmic shift in how we deal with this one. You need to read and listen to everything, and like I said last night, own and control your illness and the resulting treatments.

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by FiFiLamour, Jun 06, 2013
Asle, Thanks again... I get this. My naturopath straight away said well,  the pain I experience from time to time in an episodic attack like experience, looks like it is in my liver. I actually think its closer to my stomach, but that's OK.   I also feel discomfort in the lower lumbar region.  However,  the fibroscan score is 2 or something insignificant.....   Sometimes, I wonder, if they randomly selected a thousand people in the population and conducted the tests, whether liver function deficits would be prolific, in a random population.  Since starting with Hep C of Vic, I've done some good reading.. About all the toxins and how this places such a heavy load on our liver.  hence my attempt to go organic.  Then ironically, I go and use a cheap peroxide I picked up from the supermarket.  After doing so, I immediately regretted my decision, realized I had already resolved never to go with the bottle blond anymore, the more subtle tips are much less toxic....  anyhow, the chemmy overdose has eased, and I didn't feel particularly well for a few days after I did it!  Recovered, but then you don't know how these sort of things can damage the liver....  I also cannot go without having wine for dinner.....  

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