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i need help...........   ( sorry i jumped around in explaining things, i hope you get what im trying to say)

May 29, 2013 - 3 comments

Chronic Pain

I cant take the deep chronic pain in my joints and through out my body but mostly on my right side. I feel like I am dying sometime. the doctors cant tell me anything. when I was admitted into ICU the middle of april they said there was a poison in my body, my potassium was low and so was my white blood cell count. the last time I was in the hospital my blood work said low potassium, low white blood cell count and positive for a intestinal parasite. took the wormer but I haven't gotten any better.  after  getting out from ICU and I was in there for 3 days. I was feeling better. I didn't have any symptoms but when it hit the week mark they came back plus some ten fold. so ill and weak I couldn't get out of my bed. I had to send my son away to live with my sister because I could take care of him. I couldn't even wear clothes, I was covered head to toe in one big blister. couldn't sit, stand nothing. ive even went to the hospital in just a sheet and they all looked at me like I was some crazy lady that lost her mind. by the time I got to the hospital the blisters weren't visible but I felt like I was on fire on the inside but very cold to the touch. the day I went to ICU my temp. was only 95.5, very cold to the touch, but felt like I was on fire on the inside. very dehydrated. they couldn't start an IV because they couldn't even get a blood. I was poked 6 times before they came in with warm blankets and a hot pack to warm me up. I was also having an anxiety attack and had sky high blood pressure. when they finally was able to get blood for lab work it came back as I had a poison in my blood, my body wasn't metabolizing aspirin. so they took me up stares and kept an eye on me. gave me shots in my belly for clotting, potassium and just to keep me hydrated. I still cant stay hydrated. but when I went in I had a bruises on my left side that I think resembled the tick bite. but the 2 times before I was admitted I had a rash and from the hips down covered in bruises also. the 7th time being in the ER I went to a different hospital is when they finally did a blood test for a parasite and it did come back positive. 2 days b4 that I was at Cadillac and they wouldn't do a test on me or my 5 yr old son for Lyme disease or a parasite test. we were both sitting there crying in excruciating pain, I couldn't walk, my body was numb, my head felt like it was covered in bumble bees and I could see, my son had to push the nurses button and they come in and told me im not a priority that I need to wait my turn. that was the last time I was at that hospital and I will never go back. but they diagnosed me a psychotic in the manic stage, I was delusional, hallucinating, flight of ideas, all that kind of stuff and gave me a 2 milligram Ativan and tried getting me admitted to a nut house.  

some of the symptoms ive been having are current right now as I do this entry......

I have memory loss, brain fog, really bad fatigue, horrible deep deep pain, muscle stiffness( really bad), chronic pain( shoulder, neck, head, back, arms, hips, legs, wrist, hands, ankles, the muscle pain is so bad that any kind of pressure I get this really really deep pain. I cant put anything on my lap, hold anything or just even open a door. I cant even write harldy. its bad enough just to sign my name.) everywhere. burning under the skin, rashes that come and go, only when I have the rash I have what is like metal partials or maybe even stones( hard to explain but there hard) that come out of my skin, and if they touch my skin anywhere after coming out of my skin it will go right back in my skin, hair loss, weight loss, no muscle tone, what looks like lesions and stretch marks all over my body and now there starting on my face, weird circle type of spots all over the skin but there not bruises or anything. sometimes they will b red and itchy,  inflammation everywhere, electrical vibrations, magnetic abilities, I can make electronics mess up, touch anything with a battery or electrical current I feel a shock or something go through my hand, arm, and down my right side. most of the pain has and is on my right side of my body. today the left side of my back inflamed and sore, liver area pain, I had my gull bladder removed in December due to gull stones but the pain that made me have it checked out i had stones still hasn't went away. sometimes it will go across my stomach and to my left side.  i woke up yesterday and today and my right breast is swollen and so is my arm pit and along with my shoulder to my neck and so forth. i cant get any relief. im miserable. im going down state tomorrow to go to a bigger hospital like U of M or even sparrow to have test done. i even had a cat scan the last time  i was at the hospital because of everything that was happening in my body but it felt like i had a magnetic pull going through my head. i know MRIs  have magnetics stuff but cat scans done. i have plenty of neurological problems going on too. theres just too much for me to list i would be here for days if i kept going.  

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by nixie123, May 29, 2013
Hello there! I am really shocked at all that's going on with you and that you haven't been able to find relief. It's not like you aren't trying, that's for sure. I have a friend who has many symptoms that look like Lyme but through her tests and advice and so forth I have come to realize that being diagnosed with Lyme is frustrating and hard.  She doesn't even know if she has Lyme because most insurance won't cover the extensive work (at least in CA) and it's not something a lot of doctors have experience in it seems. From what you describe here, there are many similarities between you and my friend. She has not been able to get answers and all the while she is in pain.  This started with her 3 years ago.  How long have you been experiencing all of these symptoms?  I would've thought your maladies were perhaps just part of your recovering (and congrats on your clean time!) but now I can see that they are quite severe and unique.  Some of this sounds like Fibromyalgia perhaps.
Best of luck to you Bobbi.  I truly hope you get some answers quick and that you are able to find some peace within your body. Sending my best thoughts your way.

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by bobbi1986, May 30, 2013
yes and thank you. symptoms of Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, MS, exposer to black mold, heavy metal poisoning, etc. I do research every single day on my symptoms and the different pains and what it could b caused from. all this started in april. ive always had migraines, and some joint pain. but nothing explains the excruciating  pains and the lumps I get on my hips and the inside of my knees that are the size of baseballs. environmental health is going to come an inspect my house for black mold and possibly a bacteria.  the pain is so deep. it feels like my bone is hurting on the inside if that's even possible. I keep coming across people all over that have these symptoms and there not getting answers.  and not just in the united states.

the only ones that can tell you if you have Lyme disease are neurologist and not just any   neurologist. ones that have studied and diagnosed it before. they do a blood test too. a special blood test.

most of the time when im looking up symptoms the Morgellons disease information will come up. theres not a doctor out there that believes in it.  and also everything to do with what they call chemtrails. if you go and look these up and the symptoms I hit all them too. I have a whole notebook plus a starting of another one. tell her to keep a journal with dates and all the different symptoms she has that day. I do that. I cant remember anything and if I don't write it down I will forget all about it and even if I do write it down I sometimes still forget.

but when a person is dealing with this horrible pain then doctors and people wonder why people turn to drugs. the doctors wont listen and don't believe you. its dumb. I will find out whats wrong with or without a doctor.

ive also looked into magnetic therapy. they've used it for billions of years for healing. look into that too.i will have updates after I get back home.

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by jemma116, May 30, 2013
Sorry to hear that you have so many problems and no relief.

Firstly, have you had treatment to eradicate the parasites out of your body?  This is the first step.

You can get bone infections and these need to be treated by an antibiotic.

For your low potassium level, eat bananas.  They are full of potassium.  Make sure you eat a healthy and varied diet.  Cut out all junk food and fizzy drinks and alcohol and go easy on the tea and coffee.  Drink plenty of water, 2-3 litres is the recommend amount to be drunk in a day, more if you are sweating.   Keep a diary of the foods and drinks that you consume, in the event that you have an allergy to something.  

When they did a blood test, did they find that you are anaemic and low on Vitamin B12?  Low Vitamin B12 levels can cause memory problems.  Urinary tract infections can cause memory problems and confusion too.

If you were running a high temperature, you will have been delirious and hallucinating, same with you being dehydrated.

It could be that all your problems are from the parasite, or you may have an autoimmune disorder as well.  Have you been checked out for Lupus and other arthritic autoimmune disorders?

I'm in the UK.   Many years ago I was extremely ill with kidney stones that were not diagnosed because my symptoms didn't match the typical medical symptoms (so a different doctor told me many years later), but the doctor was treating me for depression and said come back in six months if your symptoms don't settle.  

The doctors in the UK don't always recognise problems.  My friend's husband couldn't be diagnosed with a problem and would have had to wait months to see a specialist.  It took her quite a while to find the right consultant to diagnose him.
I have problems that my doctors can't help me with, and I can't take Ibuprofen or strong pain killers because I get a bad reaction to them.  I also suffer from skin disorders.   I've just recently been prescribed with Amitriptylene to take as well as my Citalopram to ease the pains (hasn't worked yet, but I do sleep much better).

Are you on any medications right now, that you could be allergic to?

Best wishes.

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