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made an appointment

May 29, 2013 - 0 comments





negative hpt


planned parenthood



I am getting so tired of this waiting.. just like so many that I see online.  So, I made an appointment at Planned Parenthood.  I am between insurance at the moment and will be on a plan soon.. but in the meantime, I am in this situation with a cycle that is screwing with me.
I asked the clinic if they did blood tests.. and they said that they first start off with a urine test and then go from there.  I already know what they are going to find in the urine test unless something changes between now and Friday.  I am definitely going to demand a blood test because I just want to know if I'm pregnant.. if not, then at least that's that and I can look forward to trying again.  
My boobs have been a little sore for about 2 days now and typically I break out (still) around my period which I haven't yet.  I think that a lot of this is in my mind at times.  But can I really truly be mentally keeping my period from coming?  If so, then I should be able to do a lot of other things with that power! hahaha!  I have been more tired than normal but again, that could be because of pregnancy OR pms.  All I know is that Friday can't come fast enough.  Even if I do the blood test, the results aren't immediate so I should just figure on knowing well into next week.  Bah.

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