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Anxiety high

May 29, 2013 - 1 comments

Came back from camping sunday to a destroyed house from my tenant and wasn't treated well either and I freaked out on him severely. We agreed today to end the tenancy on O.k. terms, me still giving him a break but he'll be gone by saturday, we help him move. Downstairs is being taken care of by insurance and upstairs is only affected on built in deck at back. When my belongings are dried and/or restored we move upstairs so we can get out of hotel. We will enjoy upstairs for a while, and I learn to choose better tenants, need to study on being all business, rental board suggested, its all business, I got personal. Seen mom on daughters birthday yesterday and today she was abusive again, relationship off again she said. Life is hard sometimes, and I learn my lessons, sometimes slower than others, but I'm learning. Better late than never

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by dolmen, Jun 03, 2013
What the hell did your tenant get up to? That sounds awful, did he flood the place? Is he some kind of animal? sounds dreadful and you have enough on your plate. Am sorry what you're going through. My tenant seems like an angel now, but then we are sharing the same space and I put him in his box straight away if he steps out of line.. I even make him take his shoes off coming into the house...!!

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