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Body Detoxification Is A Hoax

Apr 09, 2009 - 62 comments


I got this in the mail today. The spam filter didn’t work 100%.  I know.

Why even post it?  Just to comment on a society where people ask me “is it safe?” when I prescribe a medication for them and yet value the fact that people in Hollywood do something.  Most of the people in Hollywood are idiots and are surrounded by more idiots.

Let me reassure you:

   1. Your body is not “full of toxins.”  When it is, your liver and kidneys are designed to handle those “toxins” and will do so far better than anything someone tries to sell you.
   2. Diets only work when they restrict calories.
   3. Your colon is fine and does not deserve to be regularly “cleansed.”  Colonics have been around since the early 1900’s (maybe earlier) and the fact that they are still being used is only evidence of the gullibility of humans.
   4. Never trust something that claims to “strengthen the immune system.”  It is an impossible claim to prove or disprove, and so is made with impunity.
   5. Look for the word “supports.”  Phrases such as “supports prostate health” or “supports a healthy immune system” are big signs that you are being BS’d.
   6. I never give patients medicines I would not take myself in the same circumstance.  I know no doctors who do.  It is fine to say “why do I need this medicine?” or “Is this medication really necessary?” but to ask “is it safe?” or “doesn’t this destroy the liver?” is kind of insulting.
   7. I guarantee that any plan like this one will cause significant weight loss…in your wallet.

Sorry.  Had to rant about this.  People believe many dumb things and will until the world’s end.  I feel bad for the people brought in by this and am angered at the hucksters that are fattening their wallets and misleading the uninformed.

End of Rant

*This post was originally published at Musings of a Distractible Mind.*

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by essdipity, Apr 09, 2009
Thank you for this. So many people believe the crazy stuff pitched to them on the internet.

Although it doesn't cost anything, something else along these lines bugs me too. That is, that we (healthy people) get dehydrated constantly without even knowing it and so should fill ourselves with water at every turn. Since humanity began, it has had a method of dealing with potential dehydration. It's called thirst.


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by mle2, Apr 09, 2009
One day you will learn the truth.  I was told 4 years ago I whould die with cancer.  I have seriously detoxed my body on repeated occasions, do colon cleanses and liver cleanses and changed my diet.  Today I have more energy than  I had 10 years ago.  I actually  work more than 16 hours per day.   The doctor said I was suppose to be dead with cancer and wanted to know what I had done.  He tested the liver and and it was a bit bad so I did  a mild liver detox for 2 weeks and went for another liver test.  Perfect results!  He ask what did you do.  I just smiled and said you would not believe it if I told you.  But you see the results.  What I did worked.

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by stella5349, Apr 09, 2009
Toshay mle2.

All due respect doc but you should look at zinc as an immune system builder. I was totally run down before detoxing my liver and body and ......... sorry - you're wrong

After "supprorting" my immune system with proper supplementation and detox - I didn't get one illness this winter season and it was a record year in our school for illness.

Imagine 490 students all running around - snot nosed and coughing on you all day. Hmmmmm ........luck??

I don't think so.

It does work. Years ago detoxing was a natural process but the garbage that is out there now in our foods - soils and enviroment is tasking our bodies on epidemic levels.

Our poor liver is running full steam and never has a break. Do you prescribe pure lemon water to be drank daily to keep the bodily filters working appropriately??

Unlikely I am sure.

Now I don't believe running out and buying everything off the shelves and start being a super detox-er is right either, but, popping a pill for every aliment instead of using the natural things that were originally put here for use is not heard of either anymore.

I never hear about using the daily natural traditional method of healing in a medical practice anymore. At least the ones that are covered by any insurance company payments  

( food for thought there.)

To me -  instead of you flaunting the fact (on a medical forum) that you have close collegues misguiding patients with medications is a public "thruth be told" statement.  

You should be turning those "medical professionals" you know into the medical board for prosecution and termination of endangering innocent patients. - not us.

Everyone needs to rant - but Geez I find this quite upsetting.

393685 tn?1425812522
by stella5349, Apr 09, 2009
Opps - spelling error - my apologies.

"Truth be Told"

and "supporting"

I guess my eyes are a bit crossed after "ranting"  the other side of reality myself :)

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by jdwithhcv, Apr 09, 2009
Thank you doctor.  I see there is no shortage of gullible folks here on MedHelp spouting a lot of drivel.  I imagine 490 students are being sold short, given their teacher's reading impairment!

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by redheadaussie, Apr 09, 2009
Unfortunately the sad facts are that some medications DO cause damage to the body. It's one of those situations sometimes where one has to make a decision to help fight an illness or disease to take something that may well cause something else to go wrong. Sometimes the risk of the illness is greater than the damage from the medicine.
  People will  question if a medication is safe. How many times have the public seen the results of so called 'safe' medications in the past? Take Thalidomide for example, very obviously an unsafe drug which was pushed to women to help morning sickness. The evidence shows this was known well and truly before it even reached the shelves, that it caused deformities in the unborn baby. Yet the manufacturer believed the numbers were too small to be of any consequence, and so released it on the unsuspecting doctors and patients.
  That is not to say that ALL drugs will be dangerous, just some.
Your point about detox is valid. Your point, I believe, is more that people will pay lots of money for things to make them instantly beautiful/smarter/thinner/whatever. There is nothing wrong with having a warm water drink with lemon to help the body. The Chinese have been doing similar for eons. What IS wrong is for companies to fill a bottle with nothing more than sugar and a few vitamins and claim it works and charge a fortune for it.
Yes, our bodies are pretty good at doing what it needs to do. Sometimes though, over eating, eating the wrong foods, drinking too much alcohol can stress the poor old liver and other organs...so a break with some good healthy food and drinks is a detox too.
  I for one will never pay money for any of those adverts blazoned across my screen. I'd rather pay money for a pair of sunglasses to help my vision not be impaired by the vibrant colours and revolting spinning or jumpy actions of some of those ads.
I also disagree with MedHelp for letting some of the side ads appear on the site. Many are again just downright dangerous...one actually said recently...'Cure your thyroid problem!' I think not.
  That is my rant for the day, I shall now hop off my soap box and allow someone else to take my place.

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by PlateletGal, Apr 09, 2009

Well the pathogen killing treatment that I'm on right now is giving me herxing (detox) symptoms and is also slowly (very slowly), but surely... restoring my health.



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by Quixotic1, Apr 10, 2009

Bravo for the initial post!

The kidneys and liver are elegantly designed to work "full steam" and with no break.  That is their job and they do it far more brilliantly than any man-made "detox" program ever devised.   The best "detox" (Buzzword done TO DEATH!) is to remove the toxin and let the liver and kidneys work full steam ahead.

Most cancer "miracle cures" were misdiagnosed or misprognosed (mis-predicted) from the very beginning.

The single best moneymaker is the combination of hope combined with ignorance.  

Shame on those who would attack someone who strives to practice medicine with integrity and to surround himself with others who do the same.  He didn't say he didn't know "of" doctors who practice badly, but states that the basic instinct of the medical people he "knows" is good and honorable.  Try reading these things with a little less fanaticism and a little more care.

Dr. Lamberts shows anger at those who would defraud gullible people.  Why would any of "you" feel attacked?  Does his concern that snake oil dealers take advantage of people really threaten you that much?   Why?  Do you honestly believe that all "alternative medicine" is wonderful and sacred or that no one would ever work a scam based on promised cures or better health?  Shall I remind you of things like coffee ground enemas (which killed one very well-known Hollywood star with cancer)  or sheep red-blood-cell infusions?  Dr. Lambert's comment was made to protect - whether or not he is correct in his opinions.   Why do some people feel so obligated to denigrate, insult and condemn all of those that believe differently?  It takes a very ignorant person to make such general statements toward an entire profession made up of just over a million people in the US alone.

Examine your own prejudices.

I suggest that we all should post our opinions and leave out insults and generalizations.


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by Mand125, Apr 10, 2009
It isn't just the money making scams that we need to be wary of.

A work colleague decided to do a "liver and gall bladder detox" that she had found on the internet. She was warned that she would be weak during the process so she took a few days annual leave to follow the plan!

I know it involved lots of apple juice, grapefruits and drinking epson salts. At one stage she had to drink 4 oz of olive oil mixed with 4 oz of apple juice and lie down immediately (to stop her collapsing I wouldn't wonder).

The idea was that she would then "you will begin to feel the stones releasing and rolling across your liver" !!!

For goodness sake!

She came back to work looking like death warmed up, irritable and moody and claiming she had "never felt so good".

We really are a gullible lot.


393685 tn?1425812522
by stella5349, Apr 10, 2009
After a refreshing sleep and thinking about this - I wanted to clarify a few things.  There are few things said here that are taken as a personal attack but are open for discussion. It wouldn't have been posted otherwise by the doctor and be able to be up for debate. I may have read a sentence or two wrong, and openly apologize, but the idea proposed that detoxing is fake or a myth is not correct and quite false. Dr Lambert is capitalizing on the same phrases as he states are misguided or defined as bad information, yet HE is using the same words in an opposite sense - by convincing patients this is nonsense information.

Being gullible, can be swayed two ways. Being over obsessed on "detoxing" and having the mind set that it will solve the world's problems is foolish. Just as walking into your physician’s office and expecting a pill or surgery will do the exact same thing at times.

How many times have medications been prescribed and are recalled - because of a study that effected other organs or aggravated a condition? The commercialization on these ads are brain washing, and for the ill, very convincing.

There is truth to cleaning out the system to maintain your health and rid illnesses. There is also truth to maintaining adequate levels of vitamins and minerals to maintain proper health and rid illnesses too. Common sense and supporting your health has been thrown out the window to a 5 minute office visit and a handful of scripts.

The liver is a remarkable organ. It can regenerate itself after illness. How does this happen?  Just like a virus or cold. You need to aide it with proper nutrients and clean out the "toxins"/ illness in order for it to heal. It just doesn't happen by itself with continuing improper life styles or by some magic pill. Cutting the illness out can be fatal too.

Like I said earlier, when was the last time you went to your doctor and was told to increase you water intake with lemon to clean out your system daily? That has been left to the "Natural paths" and "Holistic" doctors to encourage the patient and they are debunked continuously.

I had a high liver test recently and made the decision to try a "detox" which simply was to increase my water intake and taking milk thistle and Diindolymethane. My liver has returned to normal (on tests) and I feel do feel much better in my overall health.

The word "toxin" is a scare tactic for ad writers. It's all over TV and everywhere else. But regardless - this is a real issue for many people. The problem is that instead of teaching people the ways to properly care for themselves the "under ground" market has picked up on showing these people appropriate information of "supporting" proper health that have been around for centuries and are capitalizing on it immensely in a very unethical way. Just as pushing scripts are too.

jdwith - Back off the 490 students comment and my level of teaching - First off I didn't say I was a teacher so don't push your backstabbing comments into this discussion.

Asked.... "Do you honestly believe that all "alternative medicine" is wonderful and sacred or that no one would ever work a scam based on promised cures or better health?  Answer is simply, that I wish that both Alternative and Modern medicine would bridge the gap for patients seeking answers and stop dogging each other. Both sides can be "scammed based" and this is unnecessary confusion  for the innocent patient.

458072 tn?1291415186
by peggy64, Apr 10, 2009

My question is what are you basing your "opinion" on. Have you done any personal studies for yourself, interviewed people for their results, have you even tried to do any kind of detox to see if there are any results for yourself? Not all detox's cost an arm and a leg.

Most Western Drs refuse to even try any kind of other alternative method because of the "brainwashing" they have received in medical school. Western medicine does not heal people, it masks the problem, which is financially beneficial to the drs and pharmacies because they have to keep returning for more "band-aids."  Alternative medicine on the other hand is based on healing, as opposed to masking.

True there are companies that take advantage of people, but that does not mean that the whole program does not work, when used appropriately. That is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

I wish drs would learn to think for themselves.

     You ask why are "Why do some people feel so obligated to denigrate, insult and condemn all of those that believe differently? " then I see  you fall into this category by throwing in your own insults and condemnations all throughout your post.  Ansd seems to me you have plenty of prejudices yourself. Methinks you are one of those that fall into the "do as I say, not as I do" people.

      Have you ever tried one of those cleanses? I have, and I felt better. Why don't you try it before you just "decide" how it is.

     Glad to have you here "spouting drivel" like the rest of us. And I am sure if we examined your posts we would find a misspelled word or 2.

Having spouted all that drivel, lets have a good day shall we?



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by essdipity, Apr 10, 2009
No doubt this thread, though already long, is just getting started. Ordinarily rational people can get fanatical when it comes to digestive health, and will latch onto incredibly pointless health practices and potions. I thinks this may come from a deep-seated distrust of the established medical community, combined with an irrational belief that 'natural' is synonymous with 'better.'

Snake venon is natural. So are a great many plants that can kill you in minutes, under the right circumstances. Those who avoid mainstream medicine in favor or their own instincts, fueled by clever advertising that merely reinforcess their prejudices, will not respond to logic. They reject science while having no idea of what science means. It is not a conspiracy to defraud you of your money. Most of these ridiculous aflternatives are. They are out and out fraudulent, and you are lucky if they merely accomplish nothing. In that case you lose only your money.

If you eat healthfully and moderately, your digestive system is quite capable of distributing nutrients and disposing of waste. That's what it was designed to do, and it does it just fine. You are not a toxic waste disposal site in the making. There are no 'secrets' that 'doctors won't tell you,' and there are no giant conspiracies in the medical world just waiting to grab you and harm you.

When it comes to digestive health, paranoia is rampant.


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by ORW, Apr 10, 2009
It's sad to see a doctor that thinks the way you do. But you wouldn't be the 1st. I have 4 doctors in my family. Sister, uncle, cousin & aunt. Until a couple of years ago, neither of them believed in any alternative medicine. Then I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Me, the healthiest, nephew, brother, cousin of them all. I eat right, work out, don't drink or smoke, don't live next to power lines, no asbestos in my house, blah, blah..... The tumor was in my knee which quickly became the size of a small watermelon. One of the top doctors in the country @ UCSF said that I would more than likely lose my leg, he even offered to cut it off. I decided to try some alternative treatments for the next 90 days. When i finally went back to my primary doctor, he couldn't understand why with so much time lost, I was't sick & the cancer hadn't spread. He told me whatever I was doing to keep it up. I did eventually do some conventional treatment as well. I believe there is a place for them both. They actually can work well together..  Anyway, fast forward a few years, I am doing fine & I still have both of my bird shaped legs...   :)

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by PlateletGal, Apr 10, 2009

Well said, Stella.

Since I've done some of these detoxes, I will challenge the skeptics here. You can purchase a product that I've used called "Amazing Grass Green SuperFood". If I'm not mistaken, they sell packets of this product at the healthfood stores for very cheap. Follow the instructions and see if you have any detox symptoms. My husband and friend (who frequently does this and is healthy) do have detox symptoms. I do as well.

Don't knock it until you've tried it !  ; ^ )   And I can say that I've already been there and done that !

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by Momzilla, Apr 10, 2009

You are very well spoken and one of the smartest chicks I've heard in a very long time.  Remarkable.

Keep on truckin.'


220917 tn?1309784481
by Momzilla, Apr 10, 2009
Dr.Quix and Dr. Lamberts are no slouches, either!  

Great subject and obviously provocative thread!


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by PlateletGal, Apr 10, 2009

Well having CFS for so many years and being undiagnosed for at least 15 years...  I have a lot of experience with alternative medicine and know that western medicine has very little to offer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (AKA: Myalgic Encephaloyelitis) patients.

Since I have done some of these detox therapies, I feel that I am not ignorant on the topic. Not all of these therapies are scams. As I've said, the Green Super Food (all natural).... gave me and others detox symptoms. I believe it is healthy to frequently do these detoxes and especially when you are chronically ill. I know from experience. Others here are just making assumptions... IMHO.


Congratulations on your success ! Whatever works is my motto, but I honestly would like to see some folks here take me up on my challenge. I have changed my views about alternative medicine (which has actually been practiced longer than western medicine) based on my own personal experiences. I celebrate success and whatever works. I always support the patient !  


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by VaBreeze, Apr 10, 2009
Nice post Stella...very well done.

I do not believe in 'quick fix claims' promoted on the internet and there are many fakers out there selling their cures that prey on a desperate persons hopes and wallet.

That being said, there is an assumption here that everyone has a properly functioning body...many do not.  The failure to absorb Vitamin B12 in the digestive tract can be alleviated by shots or supplements (natural ingredients).  Many of the folklores about herbal/holistic healing are, in fact, true remedies. Ask your grandmom!

With the continued destruction of our atmosphere by a variety of man-made toxins, we constantly breathe noxious fumes.  Not long ago in Philadelphia the air quality of barium was lethal (far above govt. standards).  If our body were immune-compromised there is no way for it to properly defend itself against these toxins.  We simply do not hear about this because heavy metal toxicity is not something being routinely tested in the docs office.  Lead poisioning is a perfect example of this.  If it took care of itself there would be no consequences from it later.

In my opinion detoxing, when done properly, can enhance the body's ability to restore health.  Like PlatetGal stated:  "I celebrate success and whatever works."  

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by vizslamama, Apr 10, 2009
Everyone here makes valid points. Clearly the fine Doctor was just trying to make a point that all the crazy detox / diet products on the market grab at most people's fears, desires, etc. If asked, I doubt he would poo-poo the idea of having a nice glass of water with lemon juice every morning. Nor do I believe he is making any kind of statement about Eastern medicine. He is ranting about greedy companies selling products to people that they likely don't need or may be harmful to them.

To all of you who have used a detox program and liked it, bravo. Likely you were smart and went about it in a healthy manner, unlike the poster whose co-worker had to drink olive oil and apple juice. Now I ask any of you - does that sound right? Personally all of the commercially available detox systems that I have investigated are nothing more than "colon blow" - hyped up laxatives. If you abuse your body with alcohol and bad food for a long time, a one-week detox that keeps you on the can the entire time is not going to fix anything. A detox should be a life long goal of eating those foods that provide the body what it needs to function as its own detox program, as it was designed to do, so when you do indulge the body can rid itself of the excess, etc. Easier said than done, because yes we are exposed to lots of crappy things put into the ground and air.

As for the comments on Western and Eastern medicine. You are all correct. Both are valid but as in any situation, consumer beware. We know that chemo when it stands alone is a poison, but it can also save lives. Same with herbs. It is just a matter of finding the things that work for the individual, and a doctor who can work with both.

Again, I don't think the doctor was condemning Eastern or alternative medicine in his post, simply that all the ads on telly and the internet hocking detox programs that likely more harmful than helpful.

Just my thoughts.

Carry on...

458072 tn?1291415186
by peggy64, Apr 10, 2009

I used the olive oil, lemon juice, epsom salt detox and it worked great. Cleans out the gall bladder and the liver. I would imagine that just this detox would not work on some, as benedryl, or nyquil, amoxil or tylenol doesn't work on some. Does not mean it is not a good treatment, period. Just not for some.

   But I did have good results with it. It did not make me sick or any kind of adverse symptoms. Just positive effects.

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by goldenarm, Apr 10, 2009
So how about things like Liv 52 or Dr Sandra Cabots Livatone? Fish oil? Eating certain aminos or Vitamins that help replace what have might have been depleted from drug abuse or not eating correctly? As far as cleansing goes there is a whole host of foods eaten in excess that will cleanse your system.I have seen places that advertise enemas for health even though you are having regualar bowel movements daily. Im for whatever works is great and still am up in the air about most products that promote an instant cure for something i didnt even knew i should have done.I really believe that some herbs and vitamins and eating the right things and drinking lots of water and not abusing alcohol and such can make a person feel better than someone who is not doing all those things and that if you cnvert to a lifestyle of healthy eating it will in the big picture make you feel better and do wonders for  things like Diabites and High Blood pressure etc.

82861 tn?1333453911
by Jaybay, Apr 10, 2009
How about spending money on decent food that contributes to a balanced diet rather than continually looking for a magic herb that allows us to continue to mistreat our bodies on a daily basis?  These "detoxifiers" and "cleansers" are nothing but snake oil foisted on a credulous public looking for a cheap, fast cure for whatever is wrong.  The worst offenders are the colon cleanse products that proclaim waste is "trapped in the colon like spackle or paste" from years and years ago.  What total BS.  These products are nothing more than laxatives, with the worst containing betonite in order to produce truly spectacular BMs that appear to be rubbery remains of meals from a decade or more.  That nasty BM simply frightens people into purchasing more of the "cleansing" product.

It's not rocket science folks.  Eat a balanced diet, exercise, stay hydrated and you don't need these bogus products.  If something does go wrong, you need a doctor.  You don't need a bogus product peddled on an infomercial.

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by mensa555, Apr 10, 2009
Well I took the time to read all the post.  I too have suffered from a list of unknown ailments. All the test done and no answers ,  swollen pancrease one week and 2 weeks later it's no longer there. I am not sure who to believe anymore.  
             I have decided though that you have one organ in your body that can make a differance and it is your brain.  You can think your way well.  If you truly believe , you will be well.  It's free and doesn't cost a dime.
Breathe in , out and focus on the end result you are looking for .

Eventually it will happen
Breathe every one and be healthy and happy:)

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by BonnieTBI, Apr 10, 2009
Vizslamama, I loved your comment!

I was actually quite relieved to see the MD's posting, and he seemed quite respectful to complementary medicine in general.  But this whole "detoxing"  thing has been confusing to me.  I mean, if you have normal liver and kidney function tests, and are not ill, why would you need to be detoxed?

I know from my years at Greenpeace that actual toxins that might get stuck in your body (PCB's, Benzene, etc.) are generally lodged in your fat cells, not your liver or kidneys or other organs.  The stuff that can really harm you does not hang out in your colon or soft organs.  Heavy metals lodge in your brain (Eeeek!)  If you don't do stuff that trashes your liver (drinking, drugs, etc.), your liver should last you a lifetime.

There are herbal remedies that can jollify your liver, like milk thistle and certain vitamins, but you need to see a naturopath or herbalist to find out what you should take, and buffing your kidneys is mostly a process of not stressing them.

If a person has been exposed to radiation, organic chemicals, or heavy metals, they need to see a sympathetic physician, and then a naturopath or chinese doctor to remove any of the contaminants that are safe to remove...

If someone has not been exposed to excessive toxins, my belief is that a one-day juice fast or water fast once or twice a month is sufficient to give your liver a chance to recover from the stresses of modern life.  If you are looking to buff the health of your colon, you'll want to drink more water, get more fiber, and make sure you're getting enough happy bacteria.  

I am so grateful to have found this forum.  Blessings to you all!

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by mia12366, Apr 11, 2009
I read these statements and are full of  anger that this doctor who believes that medications do not harm our liver is outrageous. What about mercury and other heavy metal poisoning, chemicals in our foods and cosmetics...PEOPLE wake up and read the labels.
Every day I hear on the news that this drug is recalled or that is addictive and causes possible liver damage..etc.
Your number 6 point is insulting to people who do care about what they put in their stomachs. Aren't the doctors getting a bonuses from Pharmaceuticals for prescribing more drugs to patients either you need it or not?

I have a book and old book about benefits of enemas and vitamins and minerals and I believe they do work. My doctor also believes   in taking supplements because of the chemicals we eat and are around thjat destroy the benefits in our foods.
So to conclude I think he has some viable points but bashing Naturopathy it's not in my taste. I would not go to see you.

458072 tn?1291415186
by peggy64, Apr 11, 2009
What about the pharmaceutical companies whose wallets are bursting at the seams with meds that have terrible side effects, and warnings such as this could cause death. Or meds that get you addicted to them, and cause all kinds of brain trauma. I noticed you did not say anything about those.

One time I started on synthroid, it caused severe acid reflux, asthma, there I was having to take 2 other meds just to take one. What kind of great medicine is that? Needless to say, I don't take synthroid anymore, nor do I have to take the reflux and asthma meds either as they went away when the synthroid did.

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by PlateletGal, Apr 11, 2009
Imagine if newborns are already testing positive for pesticides and mercury..... what these poisons can do to adults ? And especially adults who are chronically ill ? It makes me wonder if this is the reason why 60% of people now have allergies and more children (millions of them actually) have food allergies, including new diseases where they are intorlant to any foods ?

Toxin Traces Found in Umbilical Cord Blood

WASHINGTON, July 18-Traces of pesticides, industrial byproducts, and mercury were found in the umbilical cord blood of all 10 newborns in a small study. The significance of the findings remains unclear


82861 tn?1333453911
by Jaybay, Apr 11, 2009
How much of the world's food comes from CHINA and is filled with heavy metals and plastics like melamine?  I stand by my original premise that a good, balanced diet negates the need for many of the herbal "remedies" on the market today.  Know where your food comes from.  Buy it fresh rather than processed, and get back into the kitchen and learn how to cook it.  It's a lot healthier, and actually less expensive than buying pre-cooked, preserved, tasteless and nukeable food.

As for liver and kidney so-called detox preparations, how many people use these things as a hedge against drinking alcohol on a daily basis?  All things in moderation my friends, and you'll stay healthy enough.  That goes for food intake as well - quality AND quantity.  The Magic Bullet here is simple common sense and a little self-control.  Giving your body "real" food and hydration negates the need for any kind of detox, and if you're healthy you don't need any prescription meds either.  

So what's the argument?  The doctor is merely trying to save people from wasting their money, but if you insist on making these companies rich out of wilfull ignorance, then by all means go right ahead.  We all have the choice of refusing medical treatment as well.  If you believe a particular medication is bad for you and exists only to make the Evil Pharmaceutical Companies rich, then don't buy it.  I have yet to see a pill leap out of a bottle and fight its way down a patient's throat.

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by VaBreeze, Apr 11, 2009
I really do not appreciate the inferences here to other MedHelp Members as "ignorant" or as being "willfully ignorant" simply because they have a difference of opinion.  When something is open to the public for input then everyone has a right to have their comments respected, without having their character attacked.  

Debating or making a point is one thing; attempting to belittle or patronize others because you are trying to convince them to see things the same way you do is not acceptable, nor is it warranted.

Please try to be considerate of others...it makes the forums and being a Member here much more rewarding.

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by VaBreeze, Apr 11, 2009
I really do not appreciate the inferences here to other MedHelp Members as "ignorant" or as being "willfully ignorant" simply because they have a difference of opinion.  When something is open to the public for input then everyone has a right to have their comments respected, without having their character attacked.  

Debating or making a point is one thing; attempting to belittle or patronize others because you are trying to convince them to see things the same way you do is not acceptable, nor is it warranted.

Please try to be considerate of others...it makes the forums and being a Member here much more rewarding.

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by VaBreeze, Apr 11, 2009
P.S. - sorry about the double post :-)

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by Cherie762, Apr 11, 2009
that was very well said Vabreeze.

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by jdwithhcv, Apr 11, 2009

You said "I used the olive oil, lemon juice, epsom salt detox and it worked great. Cleans out the gall bladder and the liver."  I'm curious how you know it worked?

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by PlateletGal, Apr 11, 2009

I can answer your question. You know that it works because you actually see the stones... seriously. Been there and done that one as well... before I had a dx. Although I didn't have gallbladder issues, I did have a "toxic liver" and this was a gallbladder/liver cleanse.

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by ecogail, Apr 12, 2009
Just a thought here,
you know whenever studies are done, there is a group that receives a placebo. The large percent of those taking the placebo experience side effects. And... to trust a study? What third party validated these comapnies studies? The human mind is a funny thing, many people take things and only think they feel better, so they do feel better.
Marketing is also a funny thing.
I believe the doc just wanted to warn people that many of these hollywood practices are just marketing scams in which celebrities get kick backs and I think he is right to warn people.

There are more BS scams then there are true alternative medicines. While there is nothing wrong with true alternatives, there must be more research int a method rather than accepting that "A Friend did this" as proof or accepting some spokesperson's word.

You should understand the doc's rant is only to cause people to re-evaluate their method's and belief's so they do NOT get taken in by some bullcrap scam designed to take your money.

I also beat a death sentence and the only method I used was a positive mind and a belief in life. Who knows for sure what our brain is capable of healing on its own?

I really think his point was to tell people to be careful, and beware of those who want to steal your money with phonies promises of health, and do your own research into products and do not give any weight to the products marketing and the products so-called studies. You can say anything you want today, yes, on TV. If you think people have to tell the truth if their on TV then you are living in a different century. Who is regulating every statement made on TV? In a magazine? Newspaper? The answer to that is that we are....if we do not research, evaluate, and analyze these promises then chances are , we will be "GOT" and if we do not sue for false statements, they will go on. Who has the time to start a court case and who has the cash to go after these scamsters?

Anyway, as I said I really think the doc just wants people to be aware, careful, and informed that just because hollywood does it does not mean it is tested, safe, and effective. It just means someone got a kickback for "Claiming" they used it and it works. I mean how many people think all those actors really use ProActive? Really? Just keep in mind our own mind is capable of making us feel better as well.


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by PlateletGal, Apr 12, 2009
"Anyway, as I said I really think the doc just wants people to be aware, careful, and informed that just because hollywood does it does not mean it is tested, safe, and effective."

Agreed ! There are products advertised on television that make all sorts of false claims, but that does not mean that "body detoxification is a hoax". I work with both my Endorinologist (who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years) and I have seen Naturopathic physicians and alternative medicine practitioners in the past. So I have more options and what I'm saying is that I have found some of these "alternative medicine" treatments to be far more superior than what western medicine has to offer me... which is very little. Why do people think that Dr. Oz is so famous ? Because he's gained some of his knowledge from alternative medicine practitioners (actually... I called them BWM.... before western medicine).

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by Barb135, Apr 12, 2009
I don't necessarily believe that every "detox" advertised is going to work miracles, but I think there are those that have their place in our daily lives.  

Just because one can do a "detox" does not mean that we have a right to abuse our bodies, such as alcohol/drug abuse, etc.  

I, personally, have been given meds that had adverse effects and/or were NOT what I needed to take care of a particular problem.  On the other side of the coin, I have had doctors who did not necessarily do or prescribe in MY best interest.  

I had one doctor who insisted that I HAD to be an alcoholic because my red blood cells were enlarged.  Another doctor discovered that I have pernicious anemia, which also causes red blood cells to be enlarged..  A vitamin B12 shot every 2 weeks keeps them within the normal size range.....  Another doctor insisted that synthroid was ALL I needed to take care of my thyroid issues and refused to listen when I tried to tell him it wasn't working.  Again, another doctor did further testing, I got a script for levothyroxin + cytomel and although I still have "issues", I feel so much better.  I was once offered a script for a brand name pharmaceutical when I could purchase an equally good product from the health food store without a script.  

I have never tried a detox, but have considered it.  I do take vitamins and/or herbs and so long as I feel that they are beneficial, I will continue taking them.  Not all alternative medicine is bad for us or quackery and not all licensed physicians act in our best interest.  With the wide array of meds available, it should not be considered an insult to have a patient ask if a med is "safe" or if it contributes to destruction of other organs (I've taken meds that affect the liver and have had to had liver tests periodically while on them to insure that there's no damage).  

When our doctors refuse to listen or help come up with a solution, we all have to do what we think is best for ourselves.  I agree with those who "suggested" that modern medicine try to respect and "get along with" alternative medicine.  

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by swampcritter, Apr 12, 2009
The absolute worst way to evaluate a cure is to use personal stories. There is a latin phrase for it "post hoc ergo propter hoc" -- "after this, there on account of this".

The only way to evaluate a medication is with scientific testing which includes multiple double blind studies.

The myth of detoxing is a modern day snake oil. Acai berries are only the latest in a long series of them.

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by ginger899, Apr 12, 2009
I hate those things you stick on your feet and sleep in them, and they turn black overnight. (uh-oh!) Load of old bowlocks as we Brits say....

363281 tn?1643235611
by SassyLassie, Apr 12, 2009
Well, in my humble opinion, I believe that procedures such as Detoxing and taking good, wholesome supplements are VERY important. This is not to say that others who disagree are wrong, it is just my thoughts. I do say that if you want to do things such as these, to make sure you have a knowledgeable doctor that can help you with it, such as a Naturopath, or an MD who specializes in complimentary medicine. I do not think that ANYTHING should be tried on your own unless you know thoroughly how to do it.

I have read lots and I feel pretty confident in doing these things, and I do, at times, but, there are still times when I check with my doctor too, I feel it is always better to be safe than sorry.

As to the ads on the net and on the side-lines, I don't take them seriously at all, I would NOT recommend anything they say to anyone, now, those, in my opinion, are dangerous and are probably the "snake oil" some of you are talking about. I would not feel safe taking them at all.

To be honest, there are doctors that really do not know alot about the "natural" ways, they are only speaking from what they hear from the AMA and FDA, and as we know, the FDA hates the other ways of treating problems, why, they even give perks to docs for prescribing things to patients, now, that to me, is dangerous. I am not saying that all physicians take the perks, but, I am sure there are those that do. I will also add that there have been many more deaths from prescription drugs than there ever has been due to natural supplements.

There are good and bad in all areas of healing and medicine, it is up to the individual to do extensive research and take responsibility for his/her own health, no one else is going to.

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by seroma, Apr 13, 2009
I don't want to comment on the spam mail as I did not read it. I do want to comment on your rant though. You should keep in mind that Western medicine is not the end all answer to health. Try to keep an open mind and keep educating yourself. Doctors do not have all the answers.cleansing can help your colon. Check out the ****** Clinics and what they have been doing with.a lot of success. I have a friend, Dr Lisa Curry who at 23 had 3 Dr.'s tell her she had uterine cancer and all recommended hysterectomy. She wanted to have children so instead she went to the 1st ****** Clinic down in Tiajuana, Mexico back in the early 80s. She not only cured the cancer, kept her uterus butalso went on to have 3 children and then became a doctor and now practices at the ****** clinic. So who is an idiot? One who keeps learning? Or one that already thinks they know all the answers? Think about it.

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by MSKshelly, Apr 13, 2009
I saw your article and came here for some I hoped balanced answer to a question I have wondered about.  In truth,
all over the US, now medical doctors are teaming up with licensed  naturalpath doctors giving patients that best of
both types of medicine without all the gimmicks.  I find people on both sides, some hating all natural meds others
resenting the pharmaceutical industry and seeing all doctors as out for money only,

Living with multiple chronic illnesses, I have to be on both prescription medications and naturals that help control my symptoms and restore quality of life.  Each thing I take no matter what I study carefully and discuss with my doctor.
Some time ago my GP tired to tell me to go off all my natural meds.  My specialist, not someone previously really into natural meds, had a fit!  He wrote to him saying EVERY thing I was taking we found significant to my treatment, and my doctor gave me a letter for such for my taxes as well. One natural medication, helps control my chronic infections, if I go off I literally begin to urinate blood.  This is easy to see that it works and helps me!

There are gimmicks out there no doubt, DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET FROM
ANYONE ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE GOING TO PROFIT FROM YOU!  Then talk to your doctor about every thing  medication put in your mouth.  If you doctor is closed to all naturals even when you can show them researched data etc, find a new doctor.  The same goes for lumping all docs together.  I have had a share of bad ones, one is part of the  reason  I am as sick as I am today, but currently I have an awesome team of medical professionals that go above and beyond they call of duty!!  There are all kinds out there on both sides of the fence!


Patient Support group leader and private medical researcher

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by Toldman, Apr 13, 2009
Doc. You're right on:
Worked in the Medical Field over 40,years and never heard of a Dr.so out spoken and honest. But the most of them go by the Hypocritic Code, and I'll bet that you are not one of those well heeled, fat-cats Yet then again, You are My kind of Dr.

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by Haddock_Entrap_Propulasion , Apr 13, 2009
Personally, I think that, in general, alternative and traditional medicine need to quit squabbling and help each other.  When that happen you get amazing things like those little anti-nausea wrist bands.  That said, I don't trust anything with a lot of advertising, whether that's abilify or acai berries...if they're pushing it that hard there's something wrong.  The only thing that I feel may be a true "detoxifier" is niacin, and that only because it helps you pass drug tests, so it's clearly getting something out of your system, and because niacin flushes are -so- much worse for heavy drug users than anyone else.  (I have only observed this, don't know of any studies, but the anecdotal evidence has a clear pattern).  And even that I wouldn't claim was a miracle cure for anything.  

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by DaCoach, Apr 14, 2009
Dr. Lamberts: Right on! There may be an argument to be made that you are a tad absolutist or elitist in your Blog entry, but you are MOSTLY right - though I know you don't need me to tell you that.

Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern Show has been practicing and touting this Martha's Vineyard Detox and Diet, and while I'm sure it has had benefit for her, she could achieve the same benefit by simply being vegan and not having to turn all her meals essentially into juice.

Either way she and Judith Regan (the literary publisher) are huge on REGULAR organic coffee enemas. Other than an enormous and immediate jolt of caffeine to the system, I cannot think of one thing such an absurd practice would produce. Worse yet, Robin who was a nurse before getting into radio loves to bad mouth Doctors as not having all the answers, the MVD is working for her so anyone that thinks its silly can go fly a kite (in a manner of speaking).

Look, I eat organic foods almost entirely. There is a case (made by many MD's and nutritional scientists) to be made about inflamation. Sure we have great built in toxin filtering. But if the body is constantly being stressed to filter out toxins, and say the person has another habit, or allergies, or whatever . . . then chronic inflamation can set in. I eat whole foods, organic mostly, and I stopped eating meat. I still get plenty of protein from many different sources, so I am not depriving myself of any nutrients. Up until a few years ago I was running 3-5 miles 4-5 days per week. Yet I still couldn't lose the last 10-15 lbs that covered my belly.

Fast forward to the present. Despite my healthy lifestyle (which was adopted partly in response to an unhealthy childhood of bad eating, and stressful environmental factors) I was diagnosed with a medium to large thoracic schwanoma tumor. The placement of which was in a very delicate area: the tumor was growing from the sympathetic nerve sheath, was near my larynx & esophogus, above my lungs and lodged against my spine, obviously inside my chest cavity. I had a great team of surgeons at MassGen who successfully removed it.

But either due to the tumor, or more likely due to it and the stressful environment of my formative years, I have recently discovered that I have had chronic anxiety. I haven't been able to relax in about 20 years. And I got so used to it, I didn't have any idea that it was happening. But so many things make sense. Despite forcing myself to be active, I was always tired, I didn't recover in a timely manner from strenuous activities, I couldn't lose the last 10 lbs of fat around my mid-section, no matter how well I ate and worked out, and I couldn't put any muscle on.

With chronic anxiety, your body is never properly rested, your chemical PH is out of whack (so I have dry skin, despite sweating a lot), you essentially permanently store weight that you'd normally lose and many more examples.

But the undiagnosed chronic anxiety was even worse for me, because after the schwanoma was removed from my sympathtetic nerve sheath, the nerve never properly healed. Instead, the more I tried to become active in daily life, work, exercise, etc . . . the less controls I had over my emotions and the worse my physical pain got. I also have what appears to be severe ADHD. But as I recently discovered, long term undiagnosed, untreated chronic anxiety can reveal itself in a number of ways, and one way is with all the symptoms of ADHD.

Finally, almost two years after I had my tumor successfully removed I have a chance to recover fully, and be the healthiest I've been since I was a young teen, in the sense that I finally understand why I could never feel fully rested, why I had developed a shorter and shorter temper, why my nerve pain would be terrifyingly bad for several days and then be fine for a week. It all depended on whether I had control of my stress and anxiety.

What I'm driving at in a VERY round about but anecdotal way is that Doctors are the experts. They are a consultant. As with any other profession, sometimes we need to consult with several different experts in as particular field before we can make a decision we are comfortable with. PATIENTS need to take better control of their own care. Be honest with yourself, stop rationalizing (this is by far the biggest impediment to getting better, ie overeating, not exercising, drinking a lot but telling the Dr's something else, etc . . .), make a list of ALL your symptoms, or experiences that don't seem normal.

Then start reading. Many medical journals are online and make peer reviewed materials available for FREE. There are many articles, patient anecdotes, medical anecdotes, traditional treatments, alternative treatments, etc . . . . to draw from in seeking to find a cure for what ails you. In my case, once my surgery scar had healed, I still felt a lot of pain on average each day. It took me apprixamtely 18 months of various treatments, doctors, therapists, tons of self realization, personal growth and a ridiculous amount of reading. And I still don't that I am out of the woods just yet. Next week, I will recieve a Stellate Ganglion Nerve Block. It is simulateously a treatment and a test to determine if in fact my sympathetic nerve is overstimulated. I'm willing to bet the house at this point. I'm working at controling my anxiety as I ready myself to wean off the ever increasing levels of opiates that I've had to ingest chasing a type of pain (peripheral nerve pain) that I've recently found out doesn't respond well long term to opiates. (Do you hear that nerve pain patients? Your tolerance rises faster and faster on opiates because they do an OK job for a while, but then the pain breaks through faster and faster. Next thing you know your Doctor and you are in an uncomfortable spot because your stressed from not being able to control your pain, the pain is actually making your pain worse, which viciously makes your stress worse, etc . . . and your Doctor begins to lecture you about breaking the trust between Doctor and patient. Some doctors don't understand the bad marriage of opiates and nerve pain, and soley blame the patient for a lack of control.)

If the nerve block works for longer than the duration of the local anesthetic, then I will continue to get periodic nerve blocks until the sympathetic nerve has a chance to heal itself. I will also be restoring balance to my stress hormones and the relation between my sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

If at all successful, I will be a very happy man heading into 40 . . . where just 6 months ago, I was very sad and frustrated from not having recovered and actually gotten worse since the surgery in the summer of 2007.

Remember - patients need to do their homework. For serious illnesses, your recovery and care becomes your job.

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by whatisay, Apr 14, 2009
The gallstones flushed are created by the detox itself:  A New Zealand hospital analyzed stones from a typical gallbladder flush and found them to be composed of fatty acids similar to those in olive oil, with no detectable cholesterol or bile salts,[15] demonstrating that they are little more than hardened olive oil. Despite the gallbladder flush, the patient still required surgical removal of multiple true gallstones. A similar case report in The Lancet [16], acompanied by a simple chemical experiment, concludes that the observed stones from a typical gallbladder flush actually are a consequence of the flush: they form in the stomach under the chemical action of digestive enzymes of the stomach on the mix of olive oil and lemon.

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by finewine11, Apr 15, 2009
Ohhh THANK Goodness!  I have always wondered about this!  Another question how effective and what do you think of FiberChoice weight management chewables?

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by Whitbywitchuk, Apr 15, 2009
I tried that olive oil and lemon juice cleanse, 2 days later I started with a terrible attack of shingles. I have CFS and FM. Hashimotos and vitiligo showing my autoimmune problems,  and I think anyone who is weak with chronic illness should be awefullly careful when doing something like that as it obviously put a strain on me and allowed the Herpes to activate. I was in a terrible state with the shingles for weeks.
I don't think much of western mainstream medicine either, it is them that I have been seeing all these years as I have got into this state of bad health.
Both sides of medicine have their good and bad practices methinks.
luv Dawnx

678100 tn?1245978921
by ifsogirl, Apr 17, 2009
I have never done a detox nor am I going to state that they are nothing but a scam.  I myself would think that the best way to clense would be to cut out things like fast food, anything deep fried, white sugars, soda, you know all the processed foods we eat on a daily basis.  My grandparents are almost 83 years old and eat very little in the way of processed foods.  My great-gradmother lived to 94, worked in her garden daily, and I'm sure that if she hadn't had a heart attack she would have lived longer.  

I don't think that we really need a detox that restricts what we eat down to a few specified liquids and/or a pill, powder, or solution.  I agree that if we all had the will-power to eat healthy (not necesarily organic as we all can't afford it) we would all feel alot better, have more energy, have better sex lives and probably sleep better too.  The problem is, as humans, we all want the quick fix, the easiest way to get what we want.  We are spoiled by the ease in which we get everything, food, material things, etc..  Why not a healthy body with the ability to still eat the garbage we call food?

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by PlateletGal, Apr 18, 2009

Interesting. What is also interesting is that there are several types of gallblaldder or liver flushes. There is one with apple juice and another one that involves a planet from the amazon called "chanca piedra". The plant contains stone-like berries under its leaves and is specifically indicated for the release of gall bladder and kidney stones. Apparently studies done so far on this plant have been quite successful. One European study suggested up to 94% effectiveness in eliminating kidney and gallbladder stones.

My challenge is still there for all of the skeptics:

Since I've done some of these detoxes, I will challenge the skeptics here. You can purchase a product that I've used called "Amazing Grass Green SuperFood". If I'm not mistaken, they sell packets of this product at the healthfood stores for very cheap. Follow the instructions and see if you have any detox symptoms.  ; ^ )


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by tushar73, Feb 10, 2010
Body Detoxification is not the only way to look young and beautiful. Your attitude towards environment should be positive. Your diet and fitness should be properly maintained so that you don't lose much weight nor gain much

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by nblapaz, Aug 01, 2010
Just curious to where the idea of body detoxing originated and how long has this trend to detox has been going on?  I am a firm believer of we are what we eat so if your body is in need of detoxing you must of made some bad choices.  It would make sense to me to not only detox but to change your lifestyle.  But in doing so don't dig to hard into your pocket book for a miracle cure.  I have a friend who is detoxing now and there is no way I want to not eat for 5 days as she suggested for me to detox.  I feel great and eat a well balance thoughtful diet.  Right now she has no energy, says she feels good with no real hunger but feels sluggish and not wanting to do anything day 3 of the detox program.

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by LilMsVegan, Oct 20, 2010
by Toldman, Apr 13, 2009 04:26AM
Doc. You're right on:
Worked in the Medical Field over 40,years and never heard of a Dr.so out spoken and honest. But the most of them go by the Hypocritic Code, and I'll bet that you are not one of those well heeled, fat-cats Yet then again, You are My kind of Dr.

Hippocrates also said, " Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine shall be thy food." However, when Dr's are trying to make a diagnoses they rarely, if ever inquire into ones diet as a possible source of the malady. I was well into my 20's when I developed asthma, my Dr. put me on a corticosteroid which did alleviate symptoms, but also made me very anxious, his response to this was to put me on yet another medication for anxiety. I, personally, did not want to take medication for the rest of my life, therefore I did countless hours of research, and after adopting a vegan diet, all symptoms are gone. To this day, Dr's take the Hippocratic oath upon graduating from med school, unfortunately they forget one of the most important things that Hippocrates has ever said..

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by Blueflash, Oct 23, 2010
I am extremely skeptical of pharmacological medicine because it has almost killed me on two occasions.  Contrary to medical opinion my body is not deficient in those well known *COUGH* essential nutrients fluoxetine, prednisone, and sumatriptan...

The human body evolved in the expectation that there would be days when it went without food, and nature being a great architect it created various house keeping functions to kick in during those times.  Anyone, who like me, has seriously experimented with both juice and water fasting will have experienced significant health benefits.  While I do not particularly buy into all this detoxing guff what I have experienced are fully sorted bowels, healing of some chronic aches and pains, weight control, relief from chronic fatigue, and even some very apparent ageing reversal that my friends constantly comment on.

Unfortunately I don't have a fully equipped lab... err I mean marketing machine and a the budget of Glaxo.  Just my own body to experiment with and that'd far more sophisticated than the most advanced GC/MS machine and far more pertinent than a lab rat.

So get off your high horse 'Doctor'.

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by TheeMan, Dec 02, 2010
Regular people telling a MD what is up? Haha!

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by r1tea3, Nov 18, 2012
Okay doctor. But what is the human body, where did it come from, and most importantly, if you know so much, then why can't you treat every condition? I'd like you to prove that bodies can't be weighed down by toxins. You can't

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by Itelluthetruth, Nov 01, 2013
Typical Doctor none-sense clown to big Pharma, the greatest mask murderers of modern civilization . Who possible have killed more people than all of the wars of the world... Most doctors get at most 30min education on prescription drugs and a hour on the bonus it carries when prescribe.. Medications are produce before a disease is form. These so-call side effects are actually cell mutations, that why most or all medications will cause cancer and numerous other diseases. These toxin mutate the cells, and the body will then re- replicate and replicate etc.. What this Doctor is saying that it doesn't matter what you eat or put in your body, your organs will filter them out, this is total none- sense or BS...after you have done 900 autopsy, then you can talk about organs.. Most doctors know what they know because of what someone tell them, what and how to think from a book. None will ever think outside the box with the treat of losing their career/license...I could say a lot more but why

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by blake_evans, Sep 10, 2014
a doctor that finds it "insulting" that his patients questions about safety? yikes. yes, patients are ignorant, but that's because they are patients, not doctors, and are entitled to their misinformed concerns. it is our duty as healthcare providers to equip them with the information they need to make the most appropriate healthcare choices for *their bodies*. however tedious of obvious that may be. doctors who act in perpetual authority, without a sense of duty to patient education and transparency are *precisely* why patients turn to quick fixes and quackery -they present their "remedies" as easy to understand, approachable and logical (at least, to a layperson not trained in critical, well informed medical thought). So if eradicating the market for quackery and pseudoscience is what you so desire, honour your duty to make conventional science (and the patient/provider relationship) as appealing and accessible as possible!

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by KazakhstanHeroo, Mar 12, 2015
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Listed up imposter we find you in Uzbeki costume with false lemon curez. No no no. ..!!!

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by KazakhstanHeroo, Mar 12, 2015
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by Nicy8976, May 25, 2016
Yeah, yeah!  There is no cure for anything now-a-days.  The medical community never has an answer or are "trying and working endless hours" to find a cure for the incurable!  Western medicine has only been around for less than a hundred years and mostly everyone has been brainwashed into believing that western medicine is the answer to all of peoples' diseases.

You can rant all you want doc, but truthfully, western medicine is a scam as well, a money making scam!  I know!  I'm in healthcare myself.  How many times have we told patients that there is no cure for your disease?  Almost everyday!!!!!!  You say that you know no docs that wouldn't give their patient what you wouldn't take?  Obviously, you're not an oncologist!  Most oncologists wouldn't even think of going through radiation or chemo and that's their main treatment for cancer!  Even your own government will tell you that chemo and radiation have a 97% fail rate!  Look it up.  This is your own government telling you this.  Yet, it's still the main treatment for cancer today because it's a money making machine.  This is just the tip of the iceberg my friend.  What if a patient doesn't have insurance?

Holy smokes!!  If you don't have insurance, most treatments are kept or hidden from you!  OR!!!!  Let's take a look at the "new fad," immunotherapy!  Ooooo what a fancy word that the medical community has come up with so they can prey on the weak and dumb!  Immunotherapy, people, is another way to make a buck from you before you die!  It's designed to "let" you live, if you have the money, for another three to six months with cancer.  But guess what?  You can only take it if you have insurance and if you don't, go home to die.  But let's just say you do have insurance.  We're talking about $150/pill!  This will possibly come to $500,000 per year!  So would you want to pay another $500,000 so you can live another six months?  I think not!  

So you tell us doc, should we believe what the medical community says?!  The medical community and big pharma have brainwashed the entire county!  Since when did we have diseases such fibromyalgia, overacitve bladder or OAB, OIC (opiate induced constipation,) and many other ones.  These are all ******** diseases that the medical community has come up with in order to put money into their wallets.  Seriously?  OIC?  If you doctors weren't prescribing so many opiate medications, us people wouldn't have OIC!!!!!!!  Opiates, is another problem that you doctors started.  Now we have many people addicted to Oxycotin, Oxycodone, and percocet because you (doctors) are giving them out like crazy!  How many people have died from these meds!  Look at what happened to Michael Jackson with propofol, and Prince and many other stars!  Hell, I read somewhere that doctors are going to start giving hydrocodone to patients as young as 5 year old!!!!!!!!!!  How crazy is that?  Oxycotin is a legal form of heroin, pretty much the same chemical compounds.  If heroin is illegal, why isn't Oxycotin?

I know you're not knocking "alternative" medicine and I know you're pretty much telling us to watch out for the people trying to make money themselves with something that's "easily understood" by some people.  I get that.  But I'm also here to warn people about western medicine itself.  

Watch out for the ads and doctors telling you can live longer or ads telling you that the medical community is trying to come up with a cure for something that's incurable like a vaccine or "We just started something new!"  Watch out for the drugs that are "FDA approved."  

I know there are people that are believing "science based" medicine.  Now we have processed or refined foods, new tech gadgets, and our world is evolving in a way we never even thought of as kids in the 70's and 80's.  But guess what?  Our bodies haven't evolved since human bodies first lived in this world!  So tell me, how does western medicine help heal when it's only been around for less than a hundred years?  How is western medicine the answer to all of our problems when we've been without it for thousands of years?

Besides Western Medicine came from "alternative medicine."  Let's take a look at morphine.  Where does morphine come from?  Poppy seeds!  Hell, in ER's we're using sodium bicarbonate in emergency situations (baking soda,) a natural salt!!!!!  We're using epinepherine (adrenaline,) levophed (norepinepherine) and the list goes on and on!  

I've never understood why the medical community calls hollistic medicine "alternative medicine" when it should be the other way around.  I'm in healthcare, again, and I strongly believe that natural medicine is the way to go if you truly want to heal and overcome disease.  Healing takes time and healing will truly not take five days, the way the medical community has us believing.  

I want to be clear again, I'm not knocking western medicine but there is an ugly side to Healthcare that most do not see on a daily basis.  I see it everyday.  

Can you imagine having a heart attack and the ER doc is trying to find a doctor who will take your case but they dont't want your case because you don't have insurance?  Even if you're on your death bed and taking your last breaths from this heart attack.  All that time wasted on trying to find a doctor when you should already be on that cardiac table getting a cardiac cath!!!!!

For those of you not understanding my last scenario, try running for three minutes, non-stop, and as hard as you can and the doctor give's you a coffee straw to breath out of.  That's the way your heart feels when you're having a heart attack.  And no doctor will take your case because you don't have insurance and he doesn't get paid for saving your life.  And if you do die, most doctors will make up some lie, telling your other half and your kids that they did everything they could and that nothing would've saved your loved one anyway when in reality you were left on that bed to die.  They just killed you legally!

Sorry.  Had to rant about this.  There are too many dumb people believing and worshiping doctors when they are just as human as we all are.  I truly feel bad when a patient or a family member believes that their doctor has "done everything they could" to help heal you or save you, when in reality, they are also trying to "fatten" their wallet!  

Educate yourself on American Healthcare people.  American Healthcare has literally caused a lot of people to take matters and their health into their own hands because now-a-days, there's no cure for anything.  Why waste your money on something that is not going to heal you and not treat the underlying cause?  I don't get!

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by DeeRobs, Sep 22, 2017
I really can't believe how many people here actually believe they know more about the human body than someone who went to medical school, and western medical school, at that.  You know- be the place with the most advanced medical technology and science, and  the highest life expectancy, because if our knowledge, science, technology, and medicine.  I'm not too dumb to know that we are continuously learning new things all the time, and medicine and treatments change.  BUT, until this detoxing nonsense, that has been going on for centuries, is actually scientifically proven and endorsed by Western medicine, is just quackery, to me.  If it works for you, great.  Flush your *** out with olive oil, lemon, and coffee all you want, in hopes of fixing all that ails you.  That's your perogotive.  But me?  If something's wrong, I'm going to my doctor, and I'm gonna let my colon and liver etc. continue to do their jobs, because my blood tests all come back fine, that I am not over toxified, and don't need de-toxified.  Im not full of heavy metals as some these ads suggest. As a matter  of fact, some if you guys have such disdain for Western medicine, yet you fail to realize that without it, there is a good chance you and or your children wouldn't be alive today.  Go ahead and move to a non Western medicine practicing country and receive some of thier medical care.....  and just see how long you last.

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