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Eating today

Apr 09, 2009 - 4 comments



chapped lips







Well, I was feeling pretty bad this morning and was not hungry at all.  I ate a banana, which seemed to make me feel worse.  At lunch, I ate a slice of bread and part of a salad.  Lips were super chapped today and little bumps back on lips.  Hives again today, one really itchy one on my left wrist tonight that is not going away.  Other hives from this morning on my ankle and inside my elbow went away after a few hours.

I did not sleep well last night and plan to take some Benadryl tonight to hopefully help with the bumps on my lip and the hives.  

I cannot wait to see the allergy specialist.  I have not eaten berries since Monday night, but am still having symptoms - hives and other bumps.  Also felt tickling in my throat today after eating the banana.  Ugh!

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by 1nana, Apr 09, 2009
Make sure you document everything you eat, along with the symptoms that you are experiencing. It will come in handy when you see the allergist in 2 weeks. Hopefully, the Benadryl will help you sleep tonight.

Good luck!!!

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by hrmn13, Apr 10, 2009
Yes, I've recently started writing everything down so I can bring it along when I see the allergist.  Symptoms have been going on for a while, so it's getting a little irritating!  I just have a few hives and super chapped lips now, so that's good but the Benadryl didn't help the hives last night.  Just keeping my list for when I see the specialist!

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by 1nana, Apr 10, 2009
The Benadryl may have helped more than you think. The hives could have been worse had you not taken it.

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by maxine16, Jan 25, 2013
my 13 year old daughter went to Italy for 4 days school trip came back with cough lasted 2 weeks doctor gave anti biotics then shortly aftr can not eat any foods what so ever symtoms:itcy, burning all over  in side of mouth, burning sensation, neck will hurt and arms or legs jaw will be very painful cannot move it face swollen and red slight rash hard to breath. allergy test can back negative awaitin another specilist app.

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