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Phlebitis Leg

Apr 10, 2009 - 0 comments



leg phlebitis


athletes foot

My first serious problem was recurrent superficial phlebitis in my left lower leg.  I have had this a dozen times or more throughout my life.  I had radioactive dye shot in my feet under cat scan and echo cardiograms of my heart lining to try and find a cause.  I had scans of my stomach area as well and nothing showed abnormal, but I kept having them.  In the early days I would be given an intravenous blood thinner thinking is was deep vein thrombosis but it never was.  I always knew I was getting it because my lymph node in my upper left leg would get tender about three hours before severe flue like symptoms set in and  red skin would start spreading around my lower leg.  I had this so many time that my doctor and I had set up a standing antibiotic prescription so I could get it started as soon as it hit.  Through internet research I was convinced that my superficial phlebitis was caused by a break in the skin somewhere on my left foot or leg.  I have always had severe toe and foot fungus and reasoned that this was where I was giving the bacteria an entry.  I found that if I wore one pair of cotton socks under another pair of diabetic type socks I could control the athletes foot flare ups.  Surely enough the phlebitis event started to become less and less.  This issue although I am aware it can still happen has been solved for my part.  To give you the most recent example of when this occurred it was when I had been hospitalized for Afib ( more on that later) I was told I could walk the halls which I did throughout the day.  Problem was I used the footies instead my shoes I developed a small crack in the calloused skin of my heel.  Day after I was released I had a bout with phlebitis.  I don't know why I am so vulnerable to this.  I just know if I get an opening in the skin of my left leg there will be a good chance I will get phlebitis in it.  

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