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Atrial Fibrilation

Apr 10, 2009 - 0 comments

Sleep Apnea


atrial fibrillation




c pap

Several years ago (3) my heart went into Afib.  The medical staff at work caught it although I had know I something wrong for about four months.  They sent me directly from work in an ambulance and put me in the heart wing of our local hospital.  First they did and echo of my heart to make sure I hadn't developed clotting then they successfully cardioverted me.  While I was in the hospital started researching Afib.  Turns out that one of the causes is sleep apnea.  I knew I had this because my wife would tell me I quit breathing for long periods of time at night.  Sleep apnea stresses the heart and causes non sinus tissue to begin firing to try and keep the heart going.  I told my cardiologist and he set me up with a sleep study.  It proved positive and they put me on a C-pap.  I tried to wear it but it proved impossible to do.  I breathe through my mouth and even with the humidifier dried me out.  I did some more research on sleep apnea and found out that there are certain positions that one can sleep in that prevent it.  I saved up $500 dollars and bought an oxygen sensor that records my level and found that if I sleep on either side with my head bent down toward my stomach and angled down toward the bed that when the fat relaxes it won't block off my airway.  I did this after I had a second cardioversion a year after the firs.  I has been a year and a half since my second and last cardioversion and I am Afib free.  Also so my wife doesn't complain of me snoring and stopping breathing.  

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