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Jun 05, 2013 - 4 comments

I am asking anyone that will to remember our family, especially my husband in prayer. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At that time it was contained within the head of the pancreas. On May 14, a CAT scan was done and I was made aware that it now has spread to the liver and lymph nodes. He is no longer a candidate for the Whipple procedure. Our PCP has recommended care and comfort. I disagree. He is receiving palliative chemo. I was a hospice nurse for almost 3 years before becoming disabled. I have always thought I was very independent, now I see just how dependent I am. Chatting on MH, I feel can help give me support. Again I ask for your prayers. My 2 sons ages 31 and 27 are being married 6/22 and 7/20, respectively . I will still have 12 y/o son with me. Blessings to each of you for much happiness and health.       Maddie (Mommy52)

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by dominosarah, Jun 05, 2013
I am so sorry to hear of this Maddie.  What are your husbands thoughts on all of this?  My thoughts and prayers are with you all~sara

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by opus88, Jun 05, 2013
I am so sorry to read this heart goes out to you, your husband and the family, what should be such happy occasions to look forward to is now shadowed in sorrow..
I too worked in similar work in long term care, mainly with palliative patients....and I too have been off on disability for 6 years now, our backs give out after a number of years lifting and caring.
My husband passed away suddenly last summer, although we may not be what you call dependent people we find out how much we counted on just having some support in other ways. Its hard being alone.
I wish you all my prayers that you and hubby can make the very most of his time left with you, I hope you find lots of support here on MH
God Bless

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by AnnieBrooke, Jun 05, 2013
Pancreatic cancer is hell.  I am so sorry.  I hope he is able to fight it out with your help so he sees the weddings.

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by mommy52, Sep 21, 2013
He was able to attend both weddings, the last being 7/13/13. On 8/29/13 at 5:05am he passed away in my arms at the hosp. I know he's in a better place. That offers comfort to me.

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